Saturday, April 27, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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It's been a few weeks since I last participated in SHS, mostly because I haven't captured appropriate images for the cues.  This week, I set out to expressly photograph images that would fit the suggested subject matter.  Let's see how it went.

Saturday was the opening day of the local farmer's market on the square.  It was overcast and sprinkling rain, conditions not conducive to success for outdoor vendors.  Still, there were alot of people walking around the square.  A few had their pets, and this gentleman had his pets outfitted in their rain gear.

Yummy to My Tummy
Last week my wife and I hosted an in-home prom dinner for 17 high school students.  You can scoll down a couple of posts to get the full story.  I grilled strip steaks.  I had one steak left over.  What do you do with a left over steak?  You slice it thinly, put a little BBQ sauce on it and turn it into a sandwich.  And yes, it is yummy to your tummy.

  Favorite Toy
There is no doubt that my favorite toy is my Nikon D7000 with a Tamron 18-270 lens.  You can photograph nearly anything with this set up.  It is perfect for "street photography" like the "Walking" capture above.  I have several other lenses for other types of photo work, but this is my "go to" walking around set up.  It's my favorite toy because I can take it nearly anywhere I go, and it allows me to capture life and make memories for myself, my family, and many of my friends.  Yes, the boat in my blog header is my second favorite toy, but I captured that image with my FAVORITE toy.

  What I Did This Week
I did several things this week, but the one thing that I was able to photograph and show you is a Zentangle that I created.  Basically a Zentangle is controlled doodling.  It is a creative, relaxing way to spend some time.

One of the vendors at the local farmer's market makes these baskets by hand from white oak.  They are really nicely done.  That tool in the foreground is what he uses to turn a log into strips suitable for weaving the baskets.  I love this kind of craftsmanship.  Well that's all I've got for this week's Scavenger Hunt.  Have a blessed week-end.


  1. Some great capture, but I got really stuck at the sandwich. Wow, I want one of those. Looks fantastic.

    I already knew about your favorite toys, but I've been hanging around here for a very long time.

    Have a fabulous weekend. ☺

  2. Nice the rain jackets of the dogs. I just bought the Nikon 7100 and I still have to learn a lot.


  3. Great picture of your looks like it has personality -which it probably does. I love the baskets too. I am anxiously awaiting farmer's market here.

  4. Well, you certainly knocked it out of the park with this week's pictures. Excellent choices all around. That sandwich looks seriously yummy (even tho the whole 'yummy to my tummy' makes me think of Winnie The Pooh and I'm just not sure he would go for BBQ - but who knows, right?). I'm thinking I might have to give the 18-270 a look since my son has pretty much staked claim to my 28-75 (or what ever the heck it is).

    oh - and your doodling is frame worthy - mine: stick people on crack.

    Enjoy your day!

  5. Nice post. I love the baskets. Its amazing that somebody can take something hard like wood and by cutting into thin strips weave the strips into a basket. It seems most photoblogger's favorite toy is their camera. I've done a little research into Zentangling. Fascinating.

  6. I just love a good sandwich and yours looks terrific. Now I want one too. Nice zentangle - I enjoy doing them too.

  7. Bless you for hosting that many teens, but what a great thing to do. I too chose my camera as fav toy, but I'm surprised you got past that boat. And jus' sayin'.....that guy totally busted you when you "caught" him, but what does he expect. Dogs with raincoats? Really?

  8. My daughter & I both Zentangle! isn't it calming? Hosting a dinner for teens! way to go! I used to host spaghetti feeds for the swim team.
    Your WALKING picture is my fave. I struggle with taking pictures of people I don't know. Do you ask? or take a pic & ask for forgiveness, if they notice?

  9. Great fave toy is also my NIKON camera. Love your Zentangle...very artistic. I just want to say what awesome Grandparents you n your wife are...Your Grand daughter will forever cherish this very special and unique memory!!

  10. Welcome back to the hunt.
    Wow that Zentangle is pretty cool.
    The Sandwich looks delicious.
    Your "toy" is awesome and takes awesome shots like the walking shot. Those dogs looked darling in their rain gear.

  11. what a great, fun set!! anything is my favorite.....

    and yes, we all play with the same toy!!

  12. Great choices for this weeks hunt. And I so agree with your favorite toy, the D7000 coupled with the Tamron 17-270 lens is the perfect combo. I love that lens, it does everything.

  13. Dang - that steak sammich makes my mouth water.