Monday, August 3, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday is my favorite Meme. I love looking for red subject matter to photograph and post weekly. I thank Mary the Teach for coming up with this idea and giving us the opportunity to practice a little photography. I was looking through a few of my recent Ruby Tuesday photos and decided that a few of them would make pretty cool Ruby Tuesday badges. So, I fired up PhotoShop Elements and went to work. My Ruby Tuesday this week is a collection of new Ruby Tuesday badges. Yes, most of them have an automotive flair to them and one is baseball oriented. Please feel free to grab one and use it anytime. Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone!


  1. All fine views, of course. I prefer the 'Vette side pipes and the '57 Chevy 283 fuelie. The flames have an artistic ruby touch, and the Mustang - actually, picking one is a hard choice. A stylish quartet of rubies!

  2. Way cool. I like them all especially the baseball one. Grandkid I'm guessing.

    I've got you as one of my friends in a meme that will post tonight at 6 pacific time. I hope you like what I said about you.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. Kewl 'ruby' logos ... thanks for sharing so generously ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Oh wow, these Ruby Tuesday badges are so creative.

    I probably like the baseball cap one best because I like children better than cars. Tee Hee

    I agree that this is a fun meme, looking for spots of red in all parts of our world.

  5. Okay, Driller, I'll take the '57. You find pretty reds. I have some pictures of red 49 or 50 Ford pickups but the one on my August calendare is black.

    Best wishes on your cruise. We have a nephew and wife who live in Bella Vista. We are about 40 miles north of Houston. I suppose you will drive to Galveston, you probably will come down Hwy 59, we are just off I-45.
    Be sure to take your swim suit. We did the Carribean and stopped at some beaches. The ship's pools are nice places to hang out too.
    2009 Cruise
    QM2 Pool

    My cousin and husband live at Garfield.

  6. vibrant reds! I like the car! :) my RT is up too.

  7. Ralph: I'll probably use a different one each week. Like you, I can't decide which one I like best.

    Sandee: Nope, the grandson's team wore blue helmets. This one belongs to an opponent. Thank you for the mention on your blog. I am honored to be counted among your friends.

    Travis: Thank you sir.

    Storyteller: Take your pick. They're there for the use of anyone and everyone.

    Patti: To be perfectly honest, I kind of like the batting helmet myself.

    Jim: I do like those old pick-up trucks. You're probably right about our driving plans. I'm not in charge of that part of the trip, but I will probably do some of the driving. We're starting to look forward to this little adventure.

  8. I think you made great choices! I think the last is my favorite.

  9. Marites: I've always like vibrant red cars.

    Carletta: Thank you. There were plenty more to choose from.

    Meikah: Hot Wheels indeed!

    Judi: Oddly enough, I believe that the batting helmet is the only true candy apple red in the bunch.

  10. These are great! Thank you for the effort. I see one that i would like to use on occasions.

    Thanks for the visit.

  11. ....and I'd LOVE to have ownership of this car.

  12. The last one is awesome!You did a great job on them I like the flames as well but the last is for sure my fave!

  13. Rita: Use them anytime.

    Anni: I would like to take ownership of several of these rides.

    Just Me: Thank you.

    MooreBlogLife: That '57 Chevy is always a crowd pleaser, even if you only get to see a small part of it.

  14. I have always wanted a guitar the color of that baseball helmet.

    You do nice graphics.

  15. Nice shots for Ruby Tuesday I enjoy auto photos. Be sure to check my blog tomorrow for another car photograph.

  16. Oh WOW, Driller! The Ruby Tuesday shots for the badges are extraordinary! I'm so impressed! I do have your snail-mail address and will send out a gen-u-ine RT New York postcard!! :)

  17. nice shots(: i love the car!!!
    check out my blog