Monday, June 20, 2016

Ruby Tuesday

The Bentonville square is a myriad of color during the spring and early summer. Not only are there vendors, from the local farmers market, selling cut flowers and plants but the city does a  wonderful job of landscaping as well.
On a different note, please be patient with my current inconsistent blogging. My main computer crashed and I am currently in the process of getting it repaired via warranty. In the mean time, I am working from my laptop. While it is "Old Reliable", it does present some challenges when it comes to editing photos. Have a blessed day.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Aww Mondays

Several weeks ago I went downtown and photographed some of the art that has become part of the local street scene. I call it controlled graffiti. Saturday morning I headed down to the local farmers market and took my camera to capture a couple of more images. Here are the results.

This is the latest addition to a wall mural that adorns the side of a small local theater. While it is clearly more disturbing than most of the street art in the area, I find it fascinating to look at.

Meanwhile, the central portion of the wall has a more cartoon personality. The artist is "LeftyEyball" so it is no surprise to find an eye painted on the left chair. I really like the sense of humor on display here. So why does the damsel seem so distressed?

It's probably because of the big blue tiger bearing down on her.

On a lighter note, there is this little Free Library placed at the entrance to a local children's theater building. I like this idea a lot. Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Off-Road Warrior
I was driving around town the other day when I spotted this vintage Toyota Land Cruiser with all of it's adventures clearly visible in the rust, dings, dents and rugged good looks. These little workhorses are virtually indestructible. I've seen some that have been lovingly restored to better than showroom new condition and they are beautiful, but I prefer one that has aged, maybe not so gracefully, but you know it has decades of stories to tell.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ruby Tuesday Too

This rose is actually a salmon color. It was my mother's favorite rose and my dad planted several of them around their home in Tulsa. Mom passed away in 2003. After Dad passed in 2009, I transplanted this rose to our home in Bella Vista. In 2015 we moved into Bentonville, so I dug it up and brought it to our new residence. Every time I see this plant bloom it reminds me of the love that my parents had for one another.

So what happens when you have some back light from the morning sun and you add a little front fill light with your flash? I think you get a more dramatic image, but that's just me.

Have a blessed day.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wordless Wednesday/Crystal Brigdes Exhibit

We are members of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. The museum has had exhibits honoring Norman Rockwell and is home to "Rosie the Riveter" and there is a restored Frank Lloyd Wright house on the property. It is a "must see" if you are in the area. There is no special exhibit going on right now, but I did find these characters. They are fiberblass/mixed media and the are around five feet tall. They are supposed to represent the seasons, but I have my own names for them.
Flower Child
Vegetable Lady
Wine Guy
Wood Warlock I
Wood Warlock II
Wood Warlock II is outside and much larger than the interior pieces. I may not truly appreciate all of the art that I see, but I find the creativity fascinating. I think these pieces are really cool.

Ruby Tueday Too

Three blocks from our house is the City Community Center. The center includes a walking trail, large fitness center with indoor pool and water park, as well as soccer fields for under 8 teams. The walkway from the parking lot into the building has a huge landscaped planting area, with a multitude of seasonal flowers. I typically go to the center three days a week to work-out and do some "aqua-cardio". The other day I spotted these beauties in the planting area, so...a short trip back to the house to get my camera and had a short portrait shoot of these flowers.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Awe...some Monday

Like most team sports, there is the game...and then there is the game within the game. There is the individual challenge of playing well and doing your part to make the whole team successful.

And there are games when that individual battle must be won over and over....

and over. You have to try to win each contest and you can't let that one obstacle frustrate you or deny you the individual victory.

Because once you get control of the situation....

You can break free and...

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Skywatch Friday

Tuesday evening, against the backdrop of an overcast sky this Jr. High soccer team finished an undefeated season and claimed their second straight conference and tournament championship. The youngest granddaughter is in the middle of the second row with the red headband. She scored the first goal in a 4-2 victory.

 After taking control of the ball, she races down the right wing, and then...BOOM!!!!

Everyone gets their photo taken with the championship trophy. They are back to back conference champs. Next stop, High School!