Monday, August 24, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Last week I shared a Ruby Tuesday related to where I currently live. This week it will be related to where my heart will always be...Oklahoma. I was born in a small town in Northeast Oklahoma named Henryetta. I grew up in Tulsa. I actually attended both Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma. But I got my degrees at OU and that is where my heart is.

This coffee mug is a commemorative of the 2000 National Championship football team. OU has played for the National title several times since and lost. We do however have seven titles to our credit. This season we open ranked No. 3 behind Florida and arch rival Texas. Let the games begin! BOOMER...Sooner!!!

When the drumline starts this roll and 300 band members form the interlocking OU, it just sends chills up the spine of any Sooner fan. May your team have a great season. Roll on Crimson and Cream, Roll On!!!


  1. Nice choice. Everyone seems ready for the season to start. Go team! HRT

  2. Interesting Driller I like this for Ruby... I collect coffee cups so it is extra interesting for me!

  3. I love your new header and I remember what lake that is too. I also know how you love to watch the sunset. Gods little painting for sure.

    Have a terrific time with your football games. It's almost time.

    Have a great day and week ahead. Big hug. :)

  4. Ho Hum, guess it's football time again.
    I hope you don't expunge this, but I have
    a team too (or three or four). First to
    my heart is GO BIG RED NEBRASKA!
    The play Oklahoma every other year now, it
    used to be every year back in my day.
    Happy RT. Thanks for the visit, thanks for
    telling what the Driller stands for.

  5. Moosh: Are you ready for some football?

    Moorebloglife: I have a small collection of mugs myself.

    Sandee: I thought you might recognize that header photo.

    Jim: Nebraska fans are always welcome. We come from the same day, when Thanksgiving week-end meant OU/Nebraska and the Big 8 title to the winner. Loved those days.

  6. I like mugs like this, that commemorate some event/occasion. Makes us remember :)

  7. My dear husband collects coffee cups...LOL

    My R T is posted. It's a small 2 minute video I compiled for You Tube about "Flamingo Fandango". Come visit if you can!! Happy day.

  8. Great pics for RT! I used to collect mugs.. but have so many. Now most are packed away, with the exception of one Mickey Mouse mug!

    My Ruby Tuesday

  9. I admit that football isn't really my sport but I do love the excitement of the fans. Oh, and I love going to the high school games. Good luck to OU.

  10. AH! Those were the days way back when! Nice you have the mug as a treasure.

  11. A fitting tribute to the Okie sentiments. Up north, we don't have the equivalent of the Sooner Schooner and not a football tradition as in the Big 12 or SEC. There is something about an alum who follows the team and is the purity of a love of collegiate sports - too many follow this for gambling or other money pursuits. You are a real purist!

  12. Driller, I can feel how proud you are about your OU team! Happy Ruby Tuesday! thanks for participating and being a loyal follower! :)

  13. Isn't it wonderful all the RED in our lives ;--)
    Thanks for dropping by HRG earlier.
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. SO different here in the south in regard to college football..up north it is not as intense...

  15. I guess you can attend both Oklahoma and OSU, but you can't attend both Oklahoma and Texas?