Thursday, September 10, 2009

Friday Thoughts

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Since fall in just around the corner, I pulled this out of the archives. I took this last November. It was taken in the Ozark National Forest, on highway 23, between Fayetteville, AR and I-40. I actually used it as my blog header for a few days last year. I may do it again.

Last week-end we took the oldest grand daughter to Tulsa to play in a soccer tournament. She was playing as a guest player for a team from Joplin, MO. They are a team that is small in numbers, so Scooter and one of her team mates played for them in order to gain a little more experience. They played for the Pink Panthers. Scooter HATES pink! Therefore, she was NOT thrilled with the uniforms. I took some photos and when I got home to download them, it brought back a few memories. Here is Scooter in one of her first games ever in 2002, playing in an under 8 league. She was not quite seven at the time.

Now, at the age of 13, she is playing on a U14 travel team. You've come a LONG way baby!!

Well, next week is the big week! My bride and I will be traveling to Louisville, KY for the National Quartet Convention of Southern Gospel Music. We will be leaving early Wednesday morning, so there probably won't be a Friday's Thoughts or a Looking at the Sky post. I'll be too busy enjoying some of the best Southern Gospel music and best groups in the world. We are also planning on visiting the Louisville Slugger factory and picking up a REAL wood bat for the grandson. We would like to tour Churchill Downs as well. I just don't know if time will permit many excursions. You can bet on one thing, the following week will be filled with posts related to our trip. Speaking of which, it is time for our weekly inspirational song. Here is another group that will certainly be at the convention with a great song, enjoy Crabb Family Revival singing "Runaway Train".


  1. what a beautiful photo!! love the reds against that blue sky

  2. The Ozarks are beautiful! I like the big hills like this like the Berkshires and Allegheny, not the Alps but the big hilly areas with lots of trees, hills and dales. A lovely travelogue

  3. If it's fall, it must be soccer and football!

  4. I love the sky but I love more on the kids playing the soccer ball.

  5. The pop of those autumn mountains against the pretty blue sky is awesome. The difference in your granddaughter between the two photos is amazing, how quickly they grow.

    Calico Contemplations

  6. Arkansas is a beautiful place! I ♥ my home state! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Friday.

  7. The Ozarks are beautiful in autumn!

    Have a safe trip and don't forget to pick up that wooden bat. ;-)

  8. this is a wonderful autumn photo! i love the reds of the leaves.

    thank you for dropping by and have a nice weekend, too!

  9. I love the autumn photo and thanks for sharing your grand daughter's soccer photos. :) Enjoy your vacation.

    Mommy's Little Corner