Saturday, October 3, 2009


There is some good news, but first here is the background.
Dad has been diagnosed with a Stage 2, low grade, non-Hodgkins lymphoma. He began radiation treatments this past Monday. He has been going through two treatments per day. The results have been good. The tumor has been reduced and it is hopeful he will be going home this week.
Phase two will involve chemotherapy and will probably start in three or four weeks. This will involve one treatment every three weeks for four or six treatments. There is a very good chance this will put the cancer into remission! Even better news, dad has agreed to come and live with us during these treatments. Since these will take five or six months, we are very hopeful that dad will see the benefits of living with us and he will stay. At this point the only other option would be a nursing home and I know that he knows, our house is a much better option. There is more love, support and assistance waiting for him at our home than he could ever hope to receive in long term care facility. He will get to experience much more of the great grandcrew and they will get to know more about the "Greatest Generation". There is joy in the camp because this is indeed answered prayer. Thank Lord for again revealing Your perfect will and allowing this family to grow together.
There are challenges and difficult decisions still ahead. We will rejoice in the victories and we will weep over the setbacks, but we will do it as a family!
Thank each of you for your kind expressions of hope, encouragement, and offer of prayer support. Our family is thankful for your support. I feel better now and I may actually be able to return to blogging soon.

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