Monday, November 16, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

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One of these days, I'm gonna own a Zcar again. I had a bright red '71 240Z when I was much younger. It was probably the most fun I ever had driving a car.


  1. And it's red too. Awesome.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  2. such a beauty and i love the red color.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday

  3. Years ago when I was just married a coworker used to drive me home in a Z. I loved it - I never got one. :)
    This is a gorgeous car and the red foliage in the background is a little extra punch in the photo.

  4. Nice car...I'd love to take it for a spin. The person I baby sat for used to drive me home in a Z in the early 70s. I was home in a flash. It went fast ;-)

  5. The trees in the background totally make the shot.

  6. The 240Z was a classic, inline six and stunning style. The current Z is nice, and probably faster, but not as classic as the original. Nice ruby!

  7. Vrooom ;-)
    Happy Ruby Tuesday!
    Hugs and blessings,

  8. Love the red trees with the red car.

  9. In 1964 I had a fire engine red 1959 Olds Super 88 2-door hardtop. Those were the days.

  10. It is a very pretty shiny red. It's funny how time changes things. You've gone from having the most fun driving a car to representing "your place" with an easy chair...reclined even. ;~)

  11. Sandee: It is very red, and so was my first one.

    Eden: I've always been a sucker for a red sports car.

    Carletta: Yes, the foliage was an added bonus.

    AuntieE: Yes, indeed.

    Patti: I have always love the Zcar. "Quick" is the operative word for this machine.

    Travis: Thank you sir. A little fall foliage never hurt any capture.

    Ralph: The 240Z has aged much better than I, for sure.

    Happily Retired Girl: VaROOOOOM!!!!

    Leora: The do help set the tone of the photo, don't they.

    Tulsa Gentleman: A '59 there's a car for sure.

    Meika: I loved mine.

    Hip Chick: Well, the recliner just seemed appropriate for the winter months, but yes, it is mine...and yes, I have slowed down a little over the years.

  12. The Z car was my son's favorite too.

  13. Thanks for stopping by this morning! I love the chair in your header. We need a recliner for our family room!!

    The red Z is great. I had a friend in the early 80s who only drove Zs. We had so much fun on our trips to the beach, especially when she got one that had T tops! Thanks for the memories!

  14. Red car surrounded by red trees...beautiful! Hope you get your car one day.

  15. cool car!
    and how nice of the trees to blend in so perfectly

  16. awww i heart that car! :) wish I could have one of those too! :)

    u may view mine if u have time

  17. I had one of them there 240Zs also and no doubt the most fun driving...though i think I would buy an older one instead of these new fangled ones

  18. Annie: Your son has good taste.

    Martha: A Zcar is fun in any weather.

    Rebecca: It is my goal.

    Diane: The trees just knew that it was Ruby Tuesday.

    Marice: It does make the heart skip a beat.

    Bond: I knew there was something I liked about you. Great minds think alike and drive great cars!!!