Monday, June 14, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

The Boys of Summer 2010

Little League season is already over.  I am taking this Ruby Tuesday opportunity to post a few of the photos I took of my grandson's team this season.  This is their second year.  Last year was Tee-ball and this year was machine pitch.  I believe next year will be coach pitch and by the time they are nine years of age they will have to hit off of a pitcher their own age.  My wife and I go to most of the games.  I take the opportunity to capture a few images of the game.  Later I print them and give the prints to the parents the following week.  It's a lot of fun for everyone.  The following photos may not qualify as Ruby Tuesday's, but they do qualify as fun.  Take me out to the ballgame.  The grandson is in none of the photos in this post.

  Game Face

 Strike Two!

 I Love This Game

 I Am "Baseball Ready"!
I have to admit, I love photographing kids sports.  The emotions are honest and real.  The love of the game is obvious and some of the expressions are priceless.  Come back tomorrow.  I have a feeling that my Wordless Wednesday will be more of the same.


  1. I love to watch the kids play. They are indeed little sponges and they can be taught good sportsmanship or bad. I've seen it go both ways. Looks like these guys are getting it right.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  2. Little League ball is great people watching. Great photos.

  3. The batter is watching the ball as it leaves the pitcher. Focus is the key here...these kids are having a blast, the pure joy of playing. Too bad adults have mage the change from a game to a business...

  4. You have some cute pictures of cute kids, Driller.
    You are blessed by having grandkids to watch play ball. Our younger grandchildren are girls and so far none of them has played ball. A little soccer but that didn't last long.
    Happy RT!

  5. Nice pics as always. So what do you think about the whole Big XII shakeup?

  6. I love this was a special treat for me...just look at all those wonderful photos you've captured and shared with, very very enjoyable.

    My Ruby Tuesday is HERE. Hope you can find time to visit with me today.

  7. Play Ball!!! Oh the summer time fun. Great photos.
    My ruby link for you

  8. absolutely great pics, I was not a baseball player as a kid I hated it. I was into soccer my self. This little guy I think could be in the majors one day. (maybe the Toronto Blue Jays!!!!)

  9. Great Ruby Tuesday photos! I spied a bit of red in each one! And what fun to be able to watch their games. Wonderful photos!

    From the Heart of Texas

  10. I have always enjoyed shooting the kids playing sports...

    Nicely done Sir

  11. FAntastic shots. It's so cool to see the young ones in action. Love the game face shot, it says it all.

  12. It's not even the end of June and no more Little League? Maybe I remember it wrong, but I seem to recall watching my friends play on Saturdays through a lot of the summer. I only played for one year and stopped because I didn't really like it much.

    Now it seems to be tied more to the school year than to a summer activity. I guess it's just all stars and club teams in the summer these days.