Sunday, October 30, 2011

Autumn Leaves

I was out and about the house this week-end and noticed that the leaves were in full autumn color. I snapped a few photos. Once I got to the computer, I cropped several of the captures and turned one into my blog header. I thought I share a few more with you. If you need a fall theme for your blog, feel free copy one and use it. Let me know if you decide to use one, I'd love to come and visit your blog to see how they look.  They are all cropped to the same size as my header, 980 pixels wide, which is the maximum supported by Blogger.  Enjoy.


  1. Great shots indeed. I don't mind fall at all it's winter I'm not so fond of.

    Have a terrific day. Happy Halloween. :)

  2. Beautiful shots. Great fall colors. It is spring time here :)

  3. You have a lot more color than we do. I think the heat and lack of moisture is going to hurt us a little bit on color this year.