Monday, January 2, 2012

Ruby Tuesday

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Our friend, Mary the Teach, at Work of the Poet  has announced that she will no longer be hosting Ruby Tuesday.  It is a sad day for me.  Ruby Tuesday was the first meme that I participated in and the one that rekindled my interest in photography as a serious hobby.  Thank you for that Mary.  As a result, I now participate in Wordless Wednesday and Skywatch Friday.  I suppose I will have to find another meme to occupy my Tuesday's.  These meme's force me to look for specific photo opportunities and capture images based on that subject.  I am going to miss Ruby Tuesday, but life does go on and I understand Mary's desire to move on with her blog.  Again, thank you Mary for hosting a great meme.  Thank you fellow bloggers for capturing some wonderful images for me to view and thank you for visiting my humble outpost in the blogosphere.

Nut and Berry Blend

I bought a new bird feeder hanger a week ago.  The base attaches to the rail on our deck and the arm swings out over the yard.  Since I put the "Nut and Berry" blend of seed in it the birds have finally found the new food source and are starting to come on a regular basis.


  1. We feed the birds too. I love watching them. When they get low on food they come and sing to us on the other side of the window. We go out and feed them and then they go back to the feeder. Smart they are.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Bird feeders are fun. The squirrels can clean them out in a hurry though.

  3. the colors in that second shot are amazing. and the light. wishing you all the best in this brand new year.

  4. Great captures, visiting from the last RT - so sad!

    Wishing you a Happy New Year and looking forward to, hopefully, a new RT meme in 2012!

    Here’s mine

  5. Just saw your comment on Ruby Tuesday. I came by to look at 'old friends' posts that I was sure had posted something red today.I saw Mary's note before I posted so I'll save it for something else.
    You certainly 'caught' a couple of lovely rubies to share this week!
    LOVE your header.

  6. The (male) cardinal is stunning, the ruby glow. We seem to have a pair in our yard all winter, the mister and missus really loving to sit on the leafless branches of the forsythia. They make such a treat in the grays of winter. Birds are such a treat for us humans, however Linus the cat does get rather animated viewing them through double paned glass...

  7. Gorgeous cardinal!

    MY RT2, happy new year of the dragon.

  8. Beautiful shots. Don't want to see Ruby Tuesday end but would love to continue it. Feel free to participate or spread the word
    I also host Color carnival here: