Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shabby Chic

The  past few weeks my wife has been diligently working on projects associated with a makeover of the bedroom belonging to the two older grand daughters.  I will spare you the "before" photos, since I didn't take any.  Let's just say that it was a typical child's bedroom, filled with stuffed animals, bright colors and a multitude of pictures and artwork on the walls.  The sixteen year old was obviously ready for a change and the twelve year old wants to feel more grown up.  They selected Nana as their interior designer.  The girls and Papa started with a "business lunch" at Chili's several weeks ago.  The decision was made to go sort of "Shabby Chic" and the colors were yellow and shades of blue.  Nana selected the materials and made the drapes and the slip cover for the chair (a family piece).  The desk and chest belonged to me when I was a teen.  They were maple Early American style pieces of furniture from the very early sixties.  We painted them, antiqued them and changed out the hardware.  Once all of the preliminary work was done, we scheduled the installation, at their house.
Sunday afternoon I painted the ceiling and we painted the walls.  Monday Nana painted the trim and after I got off work a second coat of wall paint was applied.  Tuesday the drapes were installed, the furniture moved in and most of the accessories were placed.  We finished a little before midnight.  There are still a few details left to do, but the girls have a new bedroom.  The sixteen year old is thrilled!  The twelve year old is at church camp and hasn't seen the finished project yet.  Okay, now for photos.

What used to look like a kids bedroom is now fit for two young ladies.

The desk and both chairs are courtesy of the Nana & Papa "Family Collection" of furniture.  The pieces have been re-purposed for this younger generation.

Nana selected the materials and made the slip cover above as well as the drapes below.  You will notice that the pattern on the drapes adds a little interest to the material and another layer of texture to the room.  Nana is very good at this sort of thing.
The Devil is in the details and Nana is a very detail oriented person.  She selected and place virtually all of the accessories in the room as well.   The project was great fun and it turned out great.  I think everyone is happy with the results. Now I think Nana just needs a little down time.


  1. Tell your wife she did an OUTSTANDING job. This is a fabulous bedroom for young ladies.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. I absolutely love it. Beautiful job!

  3. It looks great. I'm sure both girls will enjoy it for many years to come.