Monday, September 10, 2012

Ruby Tuesday 2

Baseball isn't just for "The Boys of Summer".  We have Fall Ball here in Northwest Arkansas.  The grandson loves the game and for a few weeks in September and October he gets to extend his season.  This is also his first year with a real pitcher.  This past spring was his final season batting against a machine.  From now on it will be "live arm" only.  I just thought the batting helmet screamed Ruby Tuesday.


  1. It does scream ruby Tuesday. How fun and grandpa is right there cheering him on too. Awesome.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. I love his profile!

    Here's my Ruby post, come and see.

  3. Your handsome grandson looks mighty fine in his baseball garb. I LOVE Baseball.

  4. Love your header - the bear is doing it in the classic style with a medium that does not contain any software (well, the bear is soft...)

    The player looks serious, keeping his eyes focused on the game as it unfolds. Nice ruby helmet!

  5. That's pretty cool that the kids who prefer baseball over football or soccer get a chance to play their sport during the fall.