Monday, November 19, 2012

Ruby Tuesday

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I found this little jewel at a local car show a few months back.  I was scrolling through my photos to see if I had anything that I could use for Ruby Tuesday and there it was and now, here it is.  Happy Ruby Tuesday all.
Okay, this is Thanksgiving week and some of you know what that means.  On Friday I will begin posting my third annual Christmas Music Marathon.  There will be a new post and a new Christmas themed music video each day until Christmas day, maybe even until New Years day.  The music will range from traditional carols, to hymns, to contemporary Christian music.  The focus of the music will be the birth of our Savior.  In a day and time when we push the limits of material possessions, in the name of "holiday spirit", I have decided that for 30 days, I will make an effort to put Christ back in Christmas.  Stop by Friday for the first post of the Christmas season here at Driller's Place.  See you then.


  1. Oh I'd love to ride this awesome car. I finally got to ride in a rumble seat last year. What a hoot.

    You know I'll be here for your third annual Christmas Music Marathon. You bet I will.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Beautiful pic!

    I'm looking forward to your Christmas music. Our country needs a speed bump on the way to Christmas. The commercial aspect is very tiring.