Monday, October 14, 2013

Ruby Tuesday Too

 The middle grand daughter is on the 8th grade dance team.  In this image she is on the far left.  Em has always liked music and dance, but she is the last person that you would expect to be on the dance team for basketball and football.  She is typically very quiet and stays in the background.  However, when it comes time to perform, she puts her performance face on and transforms into a high kicking dance team member.  This is the image is the real reason for this post.

However, I am at a football game and the uniforms are red.  So, I have another excuse to capture some images for Ruby Tuesday Too.  These are the eighth graders.  They won their game 13-0.  We didn't stay for the ninth grade game.  It is amazing how much these kids grow and improve each year.  When the ninth grade team took the field, to warm up, the were much larger than these youngsters.  On Friday night when the high school team plays, they are huge, when compared to these jr. high counterparts.  Happy Ruby Tuesday Too.


  1. It is amazing how fast kids develop. I work a lot with the new college hires every year and it amazes me how smart and capable they are and that are just 7 years out of middle school.

  2. It is amazing, but what I would love to feel again is the agility. I so miss that at times.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. That's cool that there is an 8th grade tackle football team. In junior high, my school only offered flag football. So I played that and also Pop Warner for tackle.