Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Bird Feeder Chronicles

I find it a little ironic that my first post of the new year will be my last post in our current home.  We will be moving into town this week.  We built this home in 2004 and I thought it might be our last residence.  I was wrong.  The opportunity came to downsize and simplify our lives a little bit, so we made the commitment to pack up all of our belongings and move.
One thing that I am going to miss about this place is the close proximity of the woods and the variety of birds that come to our feeders.  This past week I spent a few minutes each morning, before the packing started, to capture a few images of my feathered neighbors.  I'm going to miss these guys, but I'll just have to make new friends in town.  Hope the new birds are as colorful as this group.

I'll be down for a couple of weeks.  Between unpacking and getting a new internet service provider, I probably won't post again until the first of February.  But check back anyway, I may sneak a post in before next month.


  1. Good luck with the move. [and my sympathy too... ;) ]

  2. Awww, and your photography is amazing as always. I know how much you love watching your feathered friends.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday my friend. :)

  3. where do you live? These are glorious birds- We have lots of birds coming to our bird feeder- but not as brilliant as yours! Good luck on your move- we moved 3 years ago and even tho we got rid of a lot- we went from 1/4 of an acre to 10.5 acres! Our home is slightly smaller than our previous one...but as you can imagine we spend a lot of time working to improve our land.
    Have a great week!