Sunday, January 29, 2017

Aww...some Monday - Pool Party

During my annual Christmas Music Marathon I don't post photos of other events that are going on in my life. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas this blog is dedicated to the celebration of Christmas. So now is an opportunity to show you what else was going on in front of my camera. I took in a local high school swim meet. These events are great fun to photograph. I can get almost anywhere around the pool that I choose.

The butterfly is probably the most exciting stroke and fun to photograph. It has the most action and water is going everywhere.

Even from the side, there is exciting motion. I cannot imagine the coordination and energy required to master this stroke.

The back stroke is best photographed from the side. I like the fact that the hand is a little out of focus. It emphasizes the motion of the event.

The freestyle is deceptively difficult to photograph. Some of the swimmers only breathe twice per length of the pool and one of those puts their face away from the camera. Timing is everything. It was an awesome day, an awesome meet and an opportunity to get some awesome photos. Have an Aww...some Monday.


  1. I'll bet these were fun to watch. Excellent action shots.

    I've linked you to Awww Monday.

    Have a blessed Sunday, my friend. ☺

  2. Awesome athletes, great photos! Even if they all can't be first place, they are all winners for training and competing hard.

  3. Your action shots are awesome! I wish I were a better swimmer, a great form of exercise. Having problems with blogger, wanting to follow the friends at Comedy Plus and Aw...Mondays but blogger tells I am forbidden. So ominous! Oh well, I will eventually figure it out. Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing.

  4. Amazing, great capture under dim lighting.

  5. Great action shots! What camera did you use?