Sunday, April 23, 2017

Awe...some Mondays - Prom 2017

It's been a few years since we were taking prom photos. This year the middle grand daughter attended her first prom. I took the opportunity to put a vintage twist on some of the images.

Yes, when you put her in 4" heels, she is over six feet tall. 

She is the tallest of her siblings. But with her dance background, she is also the most graceful and elegant.

Crystal Bridges has multiple locations on the site for great photo backgrounds. This LOVE sculpture is one of the most popular settings. 

And the vintage twist on the image turns back time. I do like playing with the filters in PhotoShop Elements. I have two sets that are free on the net. NIK collection and ON1 Effects. You can Google them and add them to your workflow.

Yep, she's just as elegant in black and white as she is in color. She is a junior so we have one more homecoming and prom to photograph next year and then it's off to college. Where does the time go? Have a blessed day.


  1. She's beautiful. I can see how proud the both of you are. Time marches on, but on the stuff that happens in between is ever so blessed.

    Have a fabulous Awesome Monday. ☺

  2. She is beautiful and that dress is stunning! Lovely photos! Hope she had a wonderful time at prom!

  3. She's a lovely young lady, she looks like she's going to work hard and do great things in life.

  4. Nice family Group Driller, your blessed alright. Where does the time go, I wonder when I look at my two sons now.

  5. She looks quite stunning in that gown, doesn't she? Such a beautiful family.
    Thanks, Driller, for sharing at

  6. Great photos, of course she is beautiful and that helps.