Wednesday, November 29, 2017

2017 Christmas Music Marathon - Day 6

One of the best things about the Christmas season is that most people seem to be in a giving mood. Employees at retail stores seem to be a little more helpful and strangers seem to be more willing to say hello, Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas. For a few brief weeks we seem to be able to push aside many of our differences, negative news and unkind words in favor of a little kindness, love, and understanding. It's like there's a little bit of Heaven Everywhere. Have a blessed day.


  1. You're really mixing things up this year. It's like you have a whole new set of great Christmas music.

    Have a blessed day, my friend. I'll see you tomorrow. ☺

    1. I have found a few new ones to put in the mix this year.

  2. I agree it does seem like that every year then after new year it's back to normal LOL

    I enjoyed the track :-)

    Have a musicaltastic week and thanks for not sitting by :-)

  3. Replies
    1. There is some really good Christian music available these days.

  4. This is one that i've enjoyed listening to this year when i'm streaming Christmas music. It's lovely!

  5. This is new! To me anyway. Very nice.