Monday, June 22, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Okay, so I made my own Ruby Tuesday badge from last week's photo. I don't think Mary will mind, do you? No, the head from last week does not go with the shoes from this week, and the neither belong to my grandson. The helmet belongs to an opposing player, the shoes belong to a team mate. I just thought they were appropriate for Ruby Tuesday.


  1. Perfect ruby tuesday colors in your header your badge and the post.

  2. Very creative header! and love the red shoes and socks :)
    Happy RT!

  3. Very cute and clever way to show off some ruby red!

  4. Thats right! Use the other team to your advantage, good strategy.

  5. James: The header is in fact an old Ruby Tuesday photo.

    Mar: Thank you.

    Greyscale: Kids make cute very easy to achieve.

    Judi: Snicker, and the opposing player never knew he was on camera.

    Martha: Thank very much.

  6. What a great badge too. Good for you.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  7. Love the red. Oklahoma is my state of choice... my daughter was born there and I went to college there... not at OU but at a small school in Bethany... used to be known as BNC... now as SNU. However, because the students from Texas played "The Eyes of Texas are Upon You" for four straight hours during lab on the first OU/Texas weekend I ever experienced... I am a diehard OU fan. I spent 11 years there total... wonderful part of the country.

  8. Nice new masculine badge for RT. Love it.

    I am a watcher of shoes and shoes as well. Never noticed any that bright. Nice capture.

  9. Accoutered in red
    Little League player steps up
    to plate—it’s a strike!

  10. Do you mind if I "steal" the badge for use next week? I hope not!

  11. Red is quite the sporting color...although I could do without the Nike swoosh. The beauty of the uniform is uniformity, the matching duds of teammates look almost regal. Ni 'I' in the word team, etc. The red helmet is a seriously ruby treasure!

  12. hello driller...thank you so much for your visit!
    oh boy when i read your profile, i feel that we are kindred spirits.
    i love southern gospel music and i am so grateful that there are so many or the quartets on you tube.
    i usually try to post one every sunday on my blog and on pilgrim pals blog.
    one single book you list that is your favourite.
    the great is that?

    i think that this is a good ruby tuesday post.
    the red is just perfect.
    i have quite a few stops to make but i will come back when i can to read some of your posts....thanks again..........terry

  13. I think it's fun to make my own badges.

  14. Driller, I posted your new badge and Snowbird already used it! I assumed it was alright for others to use it! You should be proud! :)

  15. Man oh man I love these shoes. I wonder if you bump the saturation, though? That is RED, RED, RED. Well seen and photographed.