Monday, December 13, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Christmas Music Marathon - Day 13

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Each year I take a post or two to share the ornaments that adorn various objects in our home.  After all, I am married to one of Santa's elves, you know.  There are three Christmas trees in our house.  First, there is the "big tree" in the living room.  It is 9 feet tall and is the center of attention.
 The next tree is a 6-1/2 foot "rustic" tree.  It consists of artificial branches inserted into a pine branch trunk.  The tree is less than 3 feet in diameter.  This is my favorite tree in the house.  The reason has to do with the decorations.  Each year I take photos of the grand crew.  We buy photo-frame ornaments, insert the photos and hang them on the tree.  There are now over 40 photos of the grand crew, from their first Christmas until last year, on this tree.  There are also ornaments from mine and my wife's childhood on this tree.  In my case, some of these little red Santa ornaments are sixty years old.  This tree makes me smile every time I walk by it.

Finally, there is the table top tree in the study.  This is officially my tree.  It has an outdoor theme.  The ornaments are all about fishing and the outdoors.  Of course, Santa is in his waders and ready to do some serious angling.

Next week, we'll take a closer look at some of the ornaments and other decorations that make Driller's Place a special place at Christmas.  Don't forget to stop by every day for the Christmas Music Marathon.  Have a very Ruby Tuesday.

The Christmas song today is a new song by a current group.  The song reminds us that our Savior came into this world, unknown to many of the earth's inhabitants. He came while they were sleeping.  The God of all creation lived among us and very few took notice of His presence.  Christ was crucified, buried, and He rose from the dead, and much of  the world was unaware of the event.  However, He, who came into this world as a babe in a manger, will come again as the King of Glory.  The message of this song is not all about Christmas, but it is all about the Savior.  "While You Were Sleeping" by Casting Crowns.  Enjoy.


  1. Wow I love your Christmas trees. Tall or short they are gorgeous. And so love the video I am so moved by it. Thanks for sharing!
    First snow storm

  2. Love all your trees and had to smile at Santa going fishing. That's perfect for you.

    Love the video today too. This has been something I look forward to every single day. Thank you.

    Jesus is the reason for the season. We just can't take Christ out of Christmas. We just can't.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  3. The trees are all beautiful. I do like the table-top tree because Santa is enjoying some well deserved R&R as he fishes and relaxes - in any order!

    We have but one fake tree, and the family has fun decorating it together. The kids still help style this tree...

    The best gift of a loving God is what we celebrate, year after year. Receiving a savior over and over is always a wonderful gift...

  4. From the looks of these photos you do live with one of Santa's Elves. :)
    They are lovely trees. I can see why the rustic tree makes you stop each time you pass. What a wonderful tradition to have. I bet the grand crew spend quite a lot of time gazing at it as well. Such wonderful memories you thought to capture.
    I'll be traveling next Tuesday but I'll try to get by and see the ornaments up close. :)
    Have a blessful Merry Christmas with your family!

  5. Your trees are beautiful, but I love the ruby slippers best. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. The trees are so very stunning. But, I must admit, I love the Santa best!! I collect them.

    My Ruby Tuesday LINK There you'll find a special link, also, to my Christmas Day Giveaway if you'd like to join for your chance to win!!

  7. Such exquisite Christmas trees!

    Happy RT & Happy Holidays!


  8. Wow! Santa's elf was certainly busy decorating all those trees.

  9. Wonderful decorations Driller... Love the tree with all the photo memories.

  10. wonderful holiday decorations! happy rt!


  11. All the trees are great. I enjoyed hearing the traditions behind each of them.