Monday, December 6, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Oh look!  Driller has a new Ruby Tuesday badge!  I wonder where that came from? Well gather around and I'll tell you.  Sunday was the first day of Advent and there was a special music presentation at church.  Three of the grand crew were involved.  As a result, they were all dressed in their Christmas finery.  See.

The young lady on the right is the youngest grand daughter and she is all about sparkle.  If it's shiney, she wants to wear it.  Put some glitter on a t-shirt and it becomes her favorite.  Well, she was wearing something that sparkled Sunday.  See.

Her shoes!  As soon as I saw those shoes I thought of Mary and Ruby Tuesday.  This going to make a great Ruby Tuesday badge for the rest of December!  As it turns out, this post is all about shoes.  Ruby shoes in fact.
If you haven't been here in a week or so, you have missed my Christmas Music marathon. I will be posting a Christmas song everyday until Christmas. Today's selection couldn't be more appropriate for a Ruby Tuesday that would honor Mary's new Ruby Tuesday badge and the grand daughter's  Christmas shoes. The song is "Christmas Shoes", by NewSong. Enjoy

Tomorrow is usually Wordless Wednesday.  My post may be wordless, but it won't be void of Christmas music.  See ya tomorrow.


  1. That was the best video yet and I'm still in tears.

    I love the red shoes too. Excellent.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  2. Again, what a great group of grandkids you have. And such shoes. Did she try to click her heels together by any chance?

  3. The grandkids are beautiful, dressed no nicely for the season. Proud you must me.

    Christmas is a special time of giving. To give without expectations or reciprocity is always the ideal - as God gave to us. A nice video, the giving of all is wonderful...

    My correct ruby link:

  4. Gorgeous red shoes...i can"t get over it.

  5. beautiful kids in the christmas best. they look good in red.

    paz ;-)

  6. Beautiful kids! Happy Ruby Tuesday.

    Mine's here.

  7. Sweet!!!! I really, really love the wonderful smiles. And she looks like Scarlet at Tara in the photo below the group of grands.

    My link to my Ruby Tuesdays is... POINSETTIA 'TWISTED'

    Do stop by when you get a chance!! Happy Tuesday.

  8. Did she just have to click her heels to get home?

  9. Precious photos. Thanks for sharing them with us.