Monday, January 24, 2011

Ruby Tuesday

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I spent most of last week in Austin, Texas on a business trip.  It was an opportunity to take my wife along.  After a couple of full days of meetings, we had Friday afternoon to ourselves, so we headed to the Premium Outlet mall in San Marcos.  It's about half way between Austin and San Antonio.  There is a Tanger Outlet mall at the same location.  Combine the two facilities and you have a HUGE shopping opportunity.  Why am I even remotely interested in shopping, you ask.  Well, there are Eddie Bauer, Columbia, Sony, Bose, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger stores to be explored.  There are Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware outlets as well.  Yes, I like furniture and I want to have a say in what comes into our home.  My wife and I agree on most everything, but I still want to be a part of the selection process.  So, what does all of this have to do with Ruby Tuesday?  Look what I found at Restoration Hardware!

Sitting among all of the tables and accessories was this little Indy peddal car.  Just how cool is this.  There is just one problem.  We no longer have any grand kids small enough to make use of it.  So, I passed.  But, I'm tellin' ya, if one of the grand crew were three or four years younger, this would have been shipped home!

Look below.  They had two!!!!  Anybody wanna race?  Have a great Ruby Tuesday all.


  1. How neat indeed. I have a new great grandbaby, but she's not ready for one of these for quite awhile. How fun. What a great opportunity for a RT post too.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  2. I'll race if I can use that nifty red car!

  3. The pedal car is adorable, a tyke size Ferrari. It actually passes as art, this looking like a ruby sculpture with wire wheels. Nice!

  4. If I were a child in Restoration Hardware I would have flipped out over this red car. It is just too cute. Even at 71, I am flipping out. What a clever post. I love it!

  5. Any grandchild would have loved that and wouldn't grandpa have enjoyed seeing their faces when it arrived on the scene. I am still waiting for a first grandchild!

  6. That Restoration Hardware is a good find... for the fishermen, though, around the corner for from a big Cabela's...