Thursday, April 21, 2011

Skywatch Friday Thoughts and More

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Sunrises and sunsets always remind me of the grace of God.  The Creator has given me another day to live and serve Him.  Most of the time I don't do a very good job of that.  Still, He gives me another opportunity the following day.  Sunday is a very special day.  It is Easter Sunday, Resurrection Day.  It is more than colored eggs and chocolate bunnies.  It is the day that Christ rose from the dead.  One of these days, all of those who are called by His name will rise to meet Him and live forever in a place prepared by our Savior.
There are a lot of songs that celebrate the rising of the Saints.  Here are two of my favorites.  Enjoy, and may the God of all creation live in your heart.


  1. Jesus is the reason for Easter. Period.

    Loved both of the videos. As always.

    Have a terrific day and a blessed Easter. :)

  2. My goodness! The whole sky looks like one giant rainbow:

    God gave Noah the rainbow sign,
    No more flood, the fire next time.


    I wonder why
    Some love the sky
    But not the wind and rain.

    I wonder, friend,
    If sky will end—
    It’s too much for my brain!

    © by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Tree Folk & Sky

  3. Beautiful sky!
    A blessed weekend.
    Enjoy Easter.

    " Regina "

  4. really gorgeous skywatch photo. i love the subtle changes from one color to the next. just gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful pic of the sky. I love the stratified colors. You have all of them there.

    Nice pair of songs. One is a handclapping happy song and the other a little more introspective.

    You are right, Easter is special. I think that Paul said somewhere that if Christ didn't rise from the dead then we won't either.

  6. WOW, stunning colors and skywatch! Beautiful photos. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  7. Very lovely shot, gorgeous colors. Happy Easter!

  8. Nature has decided to 'dress up' for Easter!

    Visiting via Skywatch...

  9. oh my, what a divine sky. magical sunset. wishing you a blessed Easter holiday.

  10. Super color in your sky! What a joy just to see it.

  11. Beautiful sky--exceptional color. Mickie :)

  12. Amazing layers of light in the sky! Happy Easter!

  13. I love the rainbow of colors of the sky!

    Happy Easter!

  14. I've been reading about the flooding in Arkansas. I hope you and your family are safe and well.