Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Should've Been A Cowboy

Did you ever wonder if you made the right career choice in life? Given the correct circumstances, did you ever say to yourself, "I would've, could've, should've"? I am an architect by profession. I went to school, got the degree, served the internship, took the exam, passed the exam, and became a registered architect. I've been in this business since 1968 (as a draftsman), and I've been a registered architect since 1983. I love my career, and I love my job, even though I am nearing retirement. Still, there are days when I wonder if maybe...just maybe.

I Should've Been A Cowboy!

I still have the boots, by the way.


  1. Well it's good to dream about what could of been, but I think you did exactly what you were meant to do. I certainly did what I was meant to do.

    Have a terrific day and Happy Father's Day. :)

  2. Willy wants to be a fireman when he grows up.

    10-4 Willy

  3. My dad was a cowboy when he was young. He ran away from home before he finished the eighth grade and got a job as a wrangler/cowboy at the Glenn Ranch in Arizona. He was apparently an excellent calf roper and until he joined the Marines (by lying about his age) he had hopes of eventually being a rodeo star. A bit of shrapnel in his right shoulder ended his dreams, but he was able to stay somewhat close to the field by learning saddle making on the GI Bill. He did amazing leather carving, and if he was still alive (and had ever gotten over the artist temperament that kept him from working at it steadily), he would have been able to command a hefty price for his beautiful work now.

    There are not a lot of paying gigs for cowboys these days, and while he never did really "make it big" in any other field, he probably provided for his family better in his civil service job than he would have as a cowboy.

    It is fun to dream about what we might have been had we not chosen our path. I think of it often since I never could decide on anything other than a homemaker; there are so many wonderful career opportunities!

  4. I loved this post!
    I'm a fan of Toby's and this song.
    This made me smile.

  5. Cute! We cannot change the past, but we do ponder at times...

  6. Sandee: Oh, I know that I did exactly what I was supposed to do. I'm good with my career choice.

    Willy: May your dream come true.

    Yogi: Why not?

    Ornery's wife; I'm good with my choices, but I did pass up a couple of other opportunities along the way.

    Carletta; It's always a good day for me when I can make someone else smile. Glad you enjoyed it.