Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oklahoma History

Driving south from Ada, Oklahoma to Madill, OK you will pass through Tishomingo, OK.  Tishomingo is the capitol of the Chickasaw Indian Nation.  The Chickasaw Nation is one of the Five civilized tribes that were moved out of the southeastern US onto reservations in Oklahoma in the mid 1800's.  In 1898 they began construction on this capitol building.  It is built out of granite.  By my calculations, some of the stones weigh 2500-3000 pounds each.
We got there too late to tour the facility, so the history on the granite markers will have to do for now.

Every state has a history that is unique and interesting.  I think it is worthwhile to explore the state in which you live or grew up, and find out a little bit about it's history and its people.  This was an unexpected find, during a trip to visit family burial sites.


  1. Wow, I'd love to see this. What a great looking building.

    You are right that every state has things that are unique and interesting. You just have to pay attention.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. An interesting history of the capital and the bell, both changing hands several times before returning to the tribe.