Sunday, September 11, 2011

National Quartet Convention

This week my wife and I are attending the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY.  The very best in Southern Gospel music will be there and the music will almost non stop for a week.  I honor of the occasion I will be posting videos each day that represent the groups that we will be seeing.  First up is one of my very favorite groups, Ernie Haas and Signature Sound.  Ernie is the lead tenor.  His father-in-law was the late George Younce, arguably the best bass ever to sing Gospel music and he founded arguably the best quartet in the history of the genre, The Cathedrals.  Here is Signature sound paying tribute to The Cathedrals with "Boundless Love".


  1. Great music and it looks like a lot of fun. Back in my former life as a young school teacher some of my students got me interested in Barbershop Quartet singing, We were a chorus with several quartets and competed with other chapters. Great music and lots of fun. Gospel and Barbershop have some differences in style but both appreciate that good close harmony and high energy. it carries a fine messagein a

  2. I know how much this week means to you. I hope you brought a hankie or two. You know you're going to shed a tear here and there.

    Loved the video as always.

    Enjoy every minute. :)