Thursday, September 22, 2011

Skywatch Friday Thoughts and More

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While on vacation last week, I got a phone call informing me that my aunt had passed away.  She was my last living aunt and the one most like a big sister to me.  Our families took vacations together, so my cousins are more like younger siblings than cousins.  We were in Louisville, KY when the news came, so we left on Friday to drive to Decatur, IL for the memorial service.  One of my cousins lives on Lake Decatur and this was the sunrise the morning of the memorial service.
Death serves as a reminder to the living that our days are numbered and that life is fleeting.  We have a responsibility to live each day as if it were our last.  Our life should make the world around us a better place.  The world around my aunt was a better place because of her presence.
My inspirational song this week comes from Chris Tomlin.  While death is a reminder of our mortality, Christ is a reminder that life everlasting belongs to the redeemed, and that death is merely the portal through which we must pass.  There will come a day when all of us will be called to pass from this world.  Having invited Christ into my heart and accepting Him as my Lord and Savior, I know that the instant that I leave this world, I will rise again in the presence of my Lord.  Enjoy.


  1. Even sunrises and sunsets are fleeting. The only thing that lasts is the Eternal One. (But you already knew that!)


    Sky above, sky aglow,
    Sky of rain and sky of snow;
    Sky of hail, sky of sleet,
    Sky cavorting o’er the street;
    Sky of black, sky of blue,
    In all seasons I love you!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Sky in a Puddle

  2. I'm sorry you lost your favorite aunt. I had one of those too and the are indeed special. We all have to come to that day when we will finally meet our Lord. Beautiful video.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. This is an inspiring post and a beautiful sky. God bless you and your family.

  4. Such an amazing contrast between your sky shot and your banner shot!! Have a great weekend!

  5. Sorry about your Aunt!
    Our days are indeed numbered, let us live them well. Great picture.

  6. Sorry about your aunt. Beautiful sinrise. Maybe the Lord was welcoming her home with a smile.

  7. Sorry about your aunt.
    Beautiful words, photos ans song in your post.

  8. Sorry about your aunt. My hobby of geocaching takes me to lots and lots of cemeteries. People say isn't it creepy and know, I find them reassuring. I don't want to die tomorrow but I don't want to live forever either. One day I'll die and meet my Maker. That's reassurance.

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