Monday, June 11, 2012

Farmer's Market

Saturday morning I got up early and headed into town for the local Farmer's Market.  There are Farmer's Markets in three or four of the surrounding communities.  You have to get there early to get the best choice of fruits and vegetables.

All of the vegetables are locally grown and some of them are organically grown as well. 

The market in Bentonville is set up on the square each Saturday morning.  Since most vendors are set up by 8:30, I am assuming that they have gotten up very early in order to make the drive into town, set up their tent, arrange their products and get their vehicles out of the way.

 The vegetable vendors are the most numerous and the most popular occupants at the market each week.  There is also one vendor that sells fresh flowers.  He seems to do a very good business each week.

Unique crafts are also available.  These handmade and decorated birdhouses were interesting.  I don't know that I would ever buy one, and I'm sure that they typically are in-home decoration, rather than functional living accommodations for our feathered friends.

These two visitors are the newest addition to the square.  There are several sets of them and a few of the smaller ones are randomly placed on the roof of several buildings around the square.  I'm not sure of their purpose, but they do make a colorful addition to the scene.  
On this visit, I purchased tomatoes for hamburgers and the traditional BLT sandwich.  There is nothing like a freshly harvested, home grown tomato to complete a perfect sandwich.  I'm ready for some okra now.


  1. Yep you've got to get there early to get the very best. What a great thing to look forward to during the summer months. Can't beat fresh fruit and veggies.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Oh BLT with fresh tomatoes. Now I know what we're having for lunch tomorrow.