Saturday, March 2, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I didn't post last week because I totally failed on the prompts.  The only things that came to mind were infants and toddlers.  We don't have any of those in our family any longer.  Even the youngest grandson is 9.  Well, this week is all about colors and I think I can handle that.  Then again, maybe not.  You decide.

 I don't know of anything more iconic Red than a Cardinal.  I have a bird feeder on our back deck and Cardinals come to it in flocks during the winter.  We have seen as many as 14 males on the feeder and surrounding trees.  Okay, got the first prompt out of the way.

  Okay, so maybe all of the colors aren't that easy to find.  Then I remembered that the inside of my camera backpack is orange.  Why would anyone want an orange interior in their camera bag?  Well, most camera gear is dark gray or black, so all of those little pieces are very easy to find against an orange background.  I need all of the help I can get.

I'm going to claim that blonde is a shade of yellow.  I was at the state high school basketball play-offs on Thursday.  I got to watch five games over the course of eight hours.  Both boys and girls teams were playing at the same arena.  There will be more pics on Ruby Tuesday and probably Wordless Wednesday.
 I think I may have found the only park bench in town with a John Deere color scheme.  All of the others are black.  Hey, it does have yellow.  Okay, so now I have two yellow captures for this week.

 The basketball tournament was a great place to find solutions to the color prompts this week.  Well, I didn't see Orange represented, but Blue was one of the more popular uniform colors at the tournament.  

Have a blessed Sunday.


  1. I think you did a great job on all the prompts.

    Love the video. I've not heard that one in a very long time.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

  2. Ha! You were clever to think of that orange. :)

  3. I used a Cardinal too for red. Great shots Happy shooting!

  4. Very creative shots this week - especially the blonde.

  5. You did very well with this week's words - especially like the tournament shots.

  6. I'd say you aced this hunt! My grandsons would love your JD bench! Great focus on your actions shots! I like how the blue uniform really pops!! I wish I would have thought of a brighter interior when I bought my camera bag! I just have to reach in and feel for things!

  7. Great choices for your colors...wonderful that you were able to capture so many colors at the tournament.

  8. Wow! Beautiful set. I love the red cardinal. :)

  9. Nice set! I really enjoy that photo of the bench...something about the colors catches my eye.

  10. Color everywhere, but when you really want it, it can be elusive. Nice job finding orange on something other than the fruit or a traffic cone, although on my computer it looks more yellow.

  11. You did great, amen on the non black colored bag insides. My wife thinks I'm crazy but bright yellow is a great color for the inside of any bag.

  12. Good to see you again here on SHS.
    Your Red is fabulous - We don't have Cardnials around this area.
    Blue was also a great shot - I love the intense look on their faces.

  13. I liked your pictures again this week. Each color is great. Thanks

  14. What a fun, colorful set! Looks like we were on the same page with red, beautiful shot of your male cardinal!