Saturday, March 9, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Time for another Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  If you want to participate just click on the badge above and it will take you to the host site. Here we go with this week's prompts.

I captured this image a week before I knew that #5 would be a prompt.  This was taken at the state high school basketball play offs.  This is one of those young people that will be playing somewhere at the next level next year.  He scored 40 points the night I saw him play.

Word of The Day
I know, Ranger looks like a rather strange selection for word of the day, but this word is attached to this...

  and the weather is getting better by the day.  Soon it will be time to hit the lake and chase bass on a regular basis.


I made a trip to a local dog park the other day in search another prompt when I found this owner and her mini Schnauzer "sharing" some quality time together.
 This is the real reason that I went to the dog park.  As soon as this pup catches up with the ball that his owner threw, he will be wiggling from one end to the other.

These are third on my all time list of favorite cookies.  No. 1 is any cookie that my wife makes.  It is really dangerous around our house at Christmas.  No. 2 are Girl Scout "Thin Mints" but they are seasonal and Oreo's come in at No. 3.  I love taking these with me when I'm fishing out of the Word of the Day because they are way less messy on a summer day than those thin mints.  That's it for this week.  Have a blessed Sunday.


  1. Whoa, I can go through a package of Oreos all by myself. And I don't even like them that much! Go figure. I love your two dog pics. One of our dogs is nicknamed Miss Wiggles because when she is happy her tails shakes her whole body (and I didn't even think of her I was so stuck by "Wiggle.")

    Oh, and I love your bass boat. Nothing like fishing.

    Great post. You didn't cheat as much as I did. And at least your photographs are sharp.

  2. Good photos again, nice boat bet you can't wait to get out on that lake again!
    Those cookies look good and I really like your park phoo very sweet

  3. Can't beat oreos! Love the dog running great shot!

  4. This cookie prompt is a BAD prompt! Looking at everyone's Cookie photos is making me hungry and now I want Oreos! Looks like a beautiful day at the dog park.

  5. Sharing and wiggle are great shots!

  6. I've not had a cookie in a very long time. Sweets (except ice cream) just doesn't do it for me. It's a good thing.

    I think you did a great job with all the prompts.

    Love, love, love the video.

    Have a blessed Sunday. :)

  7. Love your wiggle shot! Thin Mints are #1 for me and they will arrive this week. Can't wait!

  8. Great set. Wiggle was fun, he looks fast.
    Loved the Sharing shot, such a funny little dog.
    Word of the day...Cool boat.

  9. Nice finds for this week's hunt. And thank you for showing me another reason I must at all cost avoid the cookie aisle at the grocery store - gracious!

  10. Great action shot with your dog on the run!

  11. Creative ideas for the prompts! Nice boat; fishing weather is just around the corner!

  12. Great choices for the Scavenger Hunt!
    The two dog photos are my favorites.
    ea's Menagerie

  13. I do believe you have a new banner?? I haven't been here for a couple of weeks, so it could be old to you?! Love an honest man --- you stated your wife's cookies are the best! I've yet to capture a really good pic of a dog running... great set.

  14. Our dog is very wiggly also...though she is getting along in years now so mostly it is her tail that does the wiggling. I have to admit that I love oreo's also...but I don't eat them very often.

  15. What a great boat! I really like that 3rd shot.

  16. Hope you don't mind me visiting you but your comment that you'd posted "Scavenger Hunt" pictures made me curious. I found it interesting that two guys posted such different pictures with the same theme.

  17. Oreos! They are #1 on my cookie list.