Thursday, April 25, 2013

If Only I Could Talk

I spotted this pick-up truck in an area Walmart parking lot.  I was immediately in love.  I was in love with the character of this truck.  It's a little bent.  It's a little rusted.  It's a little worse for wear.  It's called character and this truck has more character than most.  I'll bet it would be best buddies with "Mater" from Cars.

One can only imagine the stories that this truck could tell.  How many Friday nights has it sat out in the parking lot of a Honky Tonk waiting for it's owner to call it a night?  How many days has it spent in the fields hauling the tools to mend fences?  How many trips has it made to the feed store?  How many thunderstorms has it safely negotiated?  How many drivers learn how to drive behind the wheel of this truck?  How did it get all of those dents and scrapes?  When did it get it's first rust spot?  Ah, the stories it could tell.


  1. I'm sure we could only guess at the stories it could tell. A great find indeed.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. I love it. When I lived out west there were lots more older cars than here I'm guessing because of the lower humidity and rainfall meant they could last longer.

  3. The truck could undoubtedly tell stories - many of which might make those with any mechanical sympathy cringe... Few things tougher and more reliable than an old Chevy pickup from this era.
    This poor fella may have crossed the line tho from 'use' to 'abuse' . Maybe you should try and rescue it and restore a bit of its glory and dignity as a retirement project! :)

  4. I thing of all the dogs that have written in the back of the truck and enjoyed the view.

  5. How awesome - and totally buds with Mater.