Sunday, April 21, 2013

Prom 2013

I know, I know, I haven't posted in almost two weeks and that is nearly a record absence for me.  I haven't had the opportunity to get any really good photographs lately and I've been busy helping my wife with a very important event...the local high school prom.  Our seventeen year old grand daughter is a junior and went to the prom this year.  There were four area high schools that all had their proms scheduled for this past Saturday.  Several months ago my wife suggested to the grand daughter that we would host a prom dinner for her and 16 of her friends.  It would save them money and since every restaurant in the area would be packed, it would be a much nicer alternative. So, we prepared dinner for 17 prom attendees.  This was no back yard picnic.  This was the real deal!

A welcome sign created by yours truly is just that, a sign of things to come.

We cleared the living room of most furniture and set a table there. Another table in the entry and, of course the dining room table.  We printed menus and place cards for each of our guests.

My wife left no detail undone.  The intent was for this to be a special occasion that could not be replicated at any local dining establishment.  Mission accomplished.  On the menu were grilled strip steaks and chicken, baked potatoes, cheesy ranch potatoes, green beans with brown sugar and bacon, a wonderful mixed greens salad with strawberries and spiced pecans, and of course, a choice of four desserts.

 I grilled the steaks and chicken.  My wife was responsible of every other part of the menu.  Nothing was "store bought" and nothing was "catered in"...just sayin'.

This is the young lady who is lucky enough to have my wife as her Nana.  They have a special relationship and Prom night turned out to be a truly special event.  Here are some of the other attendees.

Ah to be young again.


  1. Been wondering about you. I see I had need indeed to worry! ;) What an undertaking...
    Looks fantastic ; you and the Mrs are to be congratulated.
    Oh to be young again indeed.

  2. I can not thank the two most wonderful parend enough for everything you did. Like dad said no detail was left undone. You truly made it a specail evening for these kids!!!

  3. What a wonderful event for those kids and one they will remember. My youngest daughter attended a similar in-home prom dinner and it was definitely more special than any restaurant meal could have been. You and your wife did a spectacular job. It sounds like retirement is agreeing with you.

  4. Want to bet that someone will copy this idea next year? This is amazing. What a wonderful thing you both did for your beautiful granddaughter and her friends. Awesome.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  5. You and your wife are so nice to do this for your grand daughter and her friends.

    It's nice to see kids dress up and have a good time. Both the young men and women look great.

  6. What a wonderful thing to do for your granddaughter - and WOW you did it superbly. Elegant chic. The girls looked marvelous - there were a few at my son's Jr. Prom that had on dresses better suited for much older women - and even at that - only on magazines (always good to leave a little to the imagination and theirs left little to no secrets).

    This is worthy of Grandparents of the Year award. Brilliant!

  7. Those girls are gorgeous. What a wonderful thing to do for your beautiful Grand daughter..a special memory!

  8. What a fantastic gift for your granddaughter. You and your wife completely rock the grandparent gig.