Monday, June 17, 2013

Ruby Tuesday II

I found this vendor at a local farmers market.  The name of the business is "Peddle Pops" and they sell homemade, handmade Popsicles.  Flavors include pineapple/mango/banana, blackberry, and cherry.  It was early so I wasn't in the mood for a Popsicle, but as the day wears on and the temperatures rise, I'm sure that this is a very busy vendor.


  1. Yeay, sign me up for a frozen popsicle when the day gets hot.

  2. A very cool setup - the umbrella provides a dose of shade for the rider who has labored tirelessly to pedal the bike to the venue. We cool off with a perfect pineapple popsicle. A symbiotic relationship between proprietor and customer!

    You are right about really big Detroit iron - a 1958 Lincoln Premiere was 227 inches long, longer than the Chevy by 18 inches - mostly in the hood I'd say - no doubt with an arresting wire to catch the tailhook :)

  3. I'm always in the mood for popsicles. Lol.

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  4. Just reading your brief description of those frozen delicacies made me want to try one!

    Mary & a Splash of Red