Friday, June 14, 2013

Skywatch Friday

I apologize for not posting this past week, but I just haven't been inspired.  There's an old John Denver song, Some Days Are Diamonds and Some Days Are Stones.  This past week, I really haven't experienced either.  Another song says that "Some days you're the windshield, and some days your  the bug."  This past week I've felt a little more like the bug that hit the windshield and survived...dazed and confused.  I'm not sure that makes much sense either.  Still, I can look into the sky, enjoy a great sunset, and rest in the knowledge that regardless of how my day went, God is still in control.  In a world filled with violence, political unrest, and natural disasters, it is difficult to understand how there is any divine  control.  We are falsely lead to believe that we are the masters of our future, and that we can overcome any obstacle.  The truth is, we are often our own worst enemy, and we  allow pride, greed, and envy to drive many our decisions, instead of trusting in the God of all creation to give our lives purpose and direction.  There is more wisdom and life coaching in the book of Proverbs than most of us will ever be able to absorb and apply to our lives.  However, this book alone is proof that God cares about us.  He cares about us enough to give us an instruction manual for living.  That manual is The Bible and Proverbs is only one of the volumes of that manual.  So, whenever I don't have a diamond of a day, or I feel more like the bug than the windshield, I can turn to Gods Word and realize that He created me, He loves me, and He has a plan and a purpose for my life.  He has not only left me an instructional manual for how to conduct my life, but He is available 24/7 to talk about those things that are on my mind.  When I remind myself that God so loved me that He gave His only Son, that if I believe in Him, I will not perish, but have everlasting life, then every day is a diamond day.
Thank you Lord for the reminder.  Have a blessed week-end.


  1. Excellent photo ~ divine inspiration ~ Admire your strength of belief in your chosen viewpoint ~ blessings to you and namaste,

  2. Sorry you're the bug that survived this week. I've had weeks like that and I think we all have. A rut so to speak. This too shall pass.

    Have a blessed day and weekend. :)

  3. Gorgeous shot thanks for the post. I'm going to share this with my son. He feels like he is the bug on the windshield right now. Life can be strange sometimes.

  4. Thanks for the beautiful photo and your beautiful words. Thanks, too, for visiting my site.

  5. Great post! I think we all have days and weeks like this,when nothing seems to go right. But it will pass.
    When we feel the lowest, That is when He is carrying us!