Saturday, September 7, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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Most of the images this week came from the local farmers market.  I may have stretched the box a bit in order to make the photo fit the prompt, but it works for me.  Here we go.

Labor (Day)
These locally grown, vine ripened tomatoes are the fruit of someone's labor.  Fresh, locally grown vegetables
are the primary reason for visiting the local farmers market.  It is a great way to kill a couple of hours on Saturday morning and you never know what will be there.  Early in the spring lettuce and radishes dominate the tables.  A little later in the season, fresh tomatoes are just the thing for that perfect BLT sandwich.  Towards the end of the season, okra becomes available.  Yes, I like my okra fried or boiled and it's great in vegetable soup.
   When you reach my age, more than likely, you will be taking some sort of prescription medicine.  Additionally your doctor will recommend that you take a variety of over-the-counter vitamin and mineral supplements.  The only way to track your intake is this handy pill caddy.  If you're not here already, this IS in your future.

Close Up
 Back to the farmers market.  Flowers are always available at the local market and it's easy to get a close-up image.  The nice thing about a telephoto lens is that you can shoot both wide and close-up without changing lenses.

Phone Call
The cell phone/smart phone has virtually eliminated pay phones from the landscape and make it possible to reach anyone, anytime, day or night.  Unfortunately, we can get so distracted by this device that we may forget to take care of the business that is right in front of us.  This young vendor, at the farmers market, is so busy with his cell phone that he doesn't realize he has a customer standing right in front of him.

White Space
    White space is the space over, under, around and between the graphics of a sign, page of a book, etc.  In this case, the white space is actually yellow.  Well thought out white space is a critical element in graphic design and contributes to the readability of the document. We need a second high school in this area and we are voting on the issue very soon.  Yes, I support the new high school and yes, I picked up a sign, and yes it is now in my front yard.
Well, that's it for this edition of Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  Have a blessed day.


  1. Okay I got stopped at all those pills. I use one with seven days. I've get to need one that has am and pm. I'm guessing that will happen at some point. Bugger.

    Have a fabulous weekend. :)

  2. Love those tomatoes! Now I remember what I did labor day...I made sauce!

  3. Wow, that red glow of your tomatoes!

  4. I stretched white space a bit this week...I just wasn't feeling it. I like your sunflower picture very much.

  5. What a lovely shot of the tomatoes. I love how to sun seems to be shining through them. Great set

  6. I think your photos are right on for the prompts.....the one of the tomatoes is stunning.
    I think we have all had the experience of someone being focused on their phone instead of the person in front of them.

  7. Beautiful set of photos! I love the vibrance in the sunflower and the glow in the tomatoes.

  8. Love the close up of the sunflowers!! Just beautiful!

  9. The pill caddy. I don't have prescriptions yet, but my list of vitamins is growing. I'm up to 5 bottles so far and I'm thinking about getting a pill caddy to take on vacation this November. I don't want to lug those 5 jars around.

  10. Those tomatoes look so yummy, and I love the close up of the sunflower! Good to see you back in the hunt.

  11. Well I think you nailed it. I love all the shots and especially the sunflowers. The whole farmers market thing has really exploded. People are looking for real food.

  12. Great choices for the prompts.
    I love your tomato shot, the lighting is so lovely, makes them really stand out. Fresh tomatoes are so much better then the ones in the grocery store.
    I do take my share of pills and have a caddy, just not the day/night variety as I find it easier to take my medication all at once.
    Such a beautiful sunflower.

  13. Love your Labor Day and Close up shots. The tomatoes look delicious!