Saturday, September 21, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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This week's Scavenger Hunt provided several opportunities for "outside the box" interpretations.  I can't really say that I wandered very far outside the box this week, but here are my images.

Something You Wore
 It's football season!  On Friday nights you will find me wearing the hat on the left, in support of the local high school team.  They have been very good this past decade.  The Tigers were in the state championship game six times and won four championships.  They lost some very good players to graduation this year, so the jury is still out on how far this team will go.  On Saturdays, you will find me underneath the hat on the right.  As a native Oklahoman and University of Oklahoma alumni, I will always be true to my school.  The Sooners have seven national championships to their credit, but have been in a bit of a rebuilding mode the past few years.  Still, their worst record recently of 8-4 would be a considerable improvement for some programs.  This year no one knows how OU will do, but they will always have my support.

  I went into the archives for this one because it is one of my favorite images of the grandson.  This was taken at Disney World in 2008.  He was almost five at the time.  With all of the rides, colors, and commotion around him, he has found amusement and entertainment in a mirror.  That's kids.  Ya gotta love 'em.

Inside Your Fridge

 Typically, the inside of the fridge is off limits to outsiders.  Just sayin'.  I am at the age, and weight, that I need to pay closer attention to what I eat and drink.  So, here are options to whole milk, something I haven't had in years.  I do drink a diet shake on a pretty regular basis.  Mixing the Almond milk with the protien shake and adding a few strawberries makes a very good shake.  Using the vanilla almond milk on cereal eliminates the need for sugar or artificial sweetener.

Daily Routine
  I have neglected this part of my daily routine for far too long.  Spending time reading God's Word is critical to a balanced life.  Many people will tell you that life doesn't come with an instruction book.  Yes it does!  The Bible is God's instruction book to us on how to live life and how to react to every situation that we find ourselves in.  One of the best places to start reading the Bible is Proverbs.  You can read one chapter per day and finish it in a month.  It is the book of Wisdom.  Our world is filled with self-help books on virtually every subject known to man.  Often times people read these books only to find them a waste of time and effort.  Any time spent reading the book that was authored by the God of all creation is time well spent.  

  Most of my mornings begin with a cup of coffee.  I have several cups from which I enjoy my first dose of caffeine each day.  This is one that I don't use very often, but I do like it.  I got it at one of the Disney hotels while on a business trip several years ago.  Actually, this is a mug, which means it holds at least twice as much coffee as a normal cup.  I rarely need to go back for seconds.
Well, that closes the book on another Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  Like I said, I didn't wander too far out of the box this week.  See, I can color inside the lines.  Have a blessed Sunday and come back anytime.  I also participate in Ruby Tuesday Too, Wordless Wednesday, and Skywatch Friday.


  1. Love the Tigger mug! I might need one of those.

  2. Great entry. I didn't go to college in Oklahoma but I still like to see OU and OSU do well. I'm hopeful that the the allegations made about OSU by Sport Illustrated are not true, especially for the current administration.

  3. Inside the box or out, I like all your entries. I especially like the simplicity of the reflection picture and the colorful Tigger mug.
    Boomer Sooner!

  4. I love that coffee mug. A. Lot.

    Love the Beach Boys too.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  5. Oh my word that mug is AWESOME!! I seriously love it :D

    Also, the reflection shot is such a wonderful capture of youth...I love it :)

  6. I love that coffee mug...I like to start my morning a little less colorfully though

  7. Great shots! Your reflection shot is so sweet and I love your thoughts on routine, so very true!

  8. Love the mug!! Your reflection shot is wonderful!

  9. great set!
    Almond milk lives in my fridge, too. But I am thinking of making my own now. The process is very simple.
    A good way to start or end the day--with wisdom.

  10. Still playing catch-up on commenting after our weekend trip. Enjoyed your set a great deal. Your Reflection shot is just adorable. Love your Coffee Mug - It's fun!
    I need to start doing a Morning Routine like that as well.