Saturday, April 26, 2014

Prom 2014

Our oldest grand daughter attended her Senior Prom last night.  We met a couple of places for photos and then sent her and her date on their way.  In three weeks she will graduate and in a couple of months whe will be headed to college.  We are thrilled for her success and a little saddened that she will not be as active in our lives.  Wow, where did the time go.

First, we met at our daughter's house for a few family photos.  Nana and Papa get to share in the fun.

Her date arrives and a few more photos are in order.  Then, they meet their friends at the high school and they all board a "limo/bus" and head to another location for a few more pics.

By the time this photo session is over, the kids have posed for all of the pictures they want and are now having a "selfie" party.  It is a special time in the lives of some very wonderful young people.  Do you remember your prom?


  1. It looks like everybody had a good time. You have good reason to be proud Driller.

  2. I wasn't allowed to dance so the prom was out. My mother was very religious and well, I missed out on a lot of wonderful things in high school. She told me years later that she wished she hadn't been so strict about dancing. Did I resent this? Yes, very much so. I didn't do this to my son and he enjoyed his school years. Anyway I'm off track, but this is what I was thinking when I saw all these fabulous photographs. I'm 62 years old, yet I remember this disappointment like it was yesterday.

    It's wonderful that you've been a part of a time she will forever remember fondly.

    Have a blessed Sunday. :)

  3. Great photos! They look like they were enjoying the photo shoot.