Saturday, April 12, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Neglected
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There was a time when milk and dairy products would be delivered directly to your door, just like the mail.
Most deliveries stopped by the early '60's as more and more families bought second automobiles and made the housewife much more mobile.  Now, this milk truck is just a neglected artifact of days gone bye.

  Signs of Spring
Flowers in bloom are always a sign of spring.  While roses are late bloomers when it comes to spring, they are some of the most beautiful blossoms and there are varieties that provide color throughout the summer and into early fall.

  Last Thing You Bought
If you were expecting a new Easter outfit, or some new toy, sorry to disappoint.  The last thing I bought was this White Flowering Crabapple tree for the new planter that I built in our front yard.  It will be going in the ground shortly after I finish this post.

The linesman casts a long shadow at my youngest grand daughter's early morning soccer match.
4 Things
Actually it's four things times two.  There are four flags flying over this concession stand at the soccer tournament and you can buy four things, Corn Dogs, Funnel Cakes, Soft Pretzels and Lemonade.  I managed to pass on all of them.  It wasn't easy.



  1. I like the old milk truck. We had milk delivered when I was a girl. I remember the medal insulated boxes on the front porch

  2. Good eye in catching the 4 things on the concession stand. The milk truck brought back lots of memories for me-I actually have a partially written post about the milkman that came to our house a couple of times a week when I was growing up. I may need to go back and finish that post now. (Thanks for the reminder).

  3. I love all your shots, but got stuck on the funnel cakes. I love those things. Way too much.

    Have a blessed Sunday. :)

  4. Not sure why but neglected or abandoned things always are the most fascinating most of the time.

  5. Great set. The old neglected Milk truck was a fantastic find.
    No roses here yet but as you said they are "late spring" bloomers.
    Neat shadow shot.
    Fun shot for 4 things. I'll take the Funnel Cake. Good for you for resisting.

  6. Enjoyed all of your takes on this week's challenge. Like many, have fond memories of milk delivery and jokes about family members looking more like the milk man...

  7. These are just gorgeous! I love how beautiful and bright your photos are - especially the "shadow" and "signs of spring"!! Stopping by from the scavenger hunt!

  8. Great shots! I really like the neglected shot and the signs of spring. I love roses!

  9. Wonderful pictures! The old milk truck is great! I love taking and see photos old cars, trucks, and buildings. They all have such great character.

  10. I just love that neglected meadow gold truck. The rose is beautiful.

  11. That rose is stunning!