Sunday, June 1, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Quirky

 Some of you may find this whole post a little on the "Quirky" side.  I prefer to think of it as thinking outside the box...maybe a little too far outside the box.

Make Mine A ...

Like many people, my favorite flower is a rose.  You get a beautiful flower and and a wonderful aroma all in the same package.  This salmon colored rose was my mother's favorite color.  My dad grew them especially for her.  This rose is grown from a cutting off of one of the plants that was in their flower bed in Tulsa.
A local farm and home store had these two banners displayed.  I found them to be a little quirky.  Really...who would sell "Dead Plants"?  Maybe Chick Days is for guys who couldn't get a date to the prom...that would be a little on the quirky side.
Morning Ritual 

My morning ritual almost always includes coffee from this mug.  I was at a business convention in Las Vegas in 2005 when I bought this mug as my souvenir.  I used it daily at the office until I retired last year.  It's become a bit of an icon associated with me.
What Were They Thinking... 

Recently a locally hardware store/lumber yard burned to the ground, in the middle of the night.  One has to wonder, what was the business owner thinking when they got that call at 2:00 a.m. telling them that their business was on fire.  By the time they arrived, the hardware store component of the business was already a lost cause.  It cannot be a good feeling.  They have vowed to rebuild.

What's in Your... 
Tackle Box
Fishing is one of my two favorite hobbies.  This is the contents of my "small" tackle box.  I use this when I am fishing for panfish (crappie, bluegill, perch).  I have a larger tackle bag with my bass lures in it and I have two or three other tackle bags with surplus equipment.  It's is bit of an obsession.  No, no, no, it's a hobby.  It's a serious hobby...seriously.
Well that's it for my Scavenger Hunt Sunday,  Quirky Edition.  Have a blessed week.


  1. That rose is beautiful and special.

    I love your tacklebox. I had my toe clippers on a lanyard around my neck back in the day when I had a boat and did lots of fishing.

    Nice coffee cup.

  2. It's an obsession, not a hobby and that's okay. It would be a little quirky if it wasn't.

    Have a fabulous and blessed Sunday. :)

  3. That poor business! I can't imagine.

  4. That rose-beautiful color. I am a fan of that kind of in between color-for my wedding my color was coral-the orange side not the pink side.

    At least for that business no one was hurt in that fire, but have your livelihood burned down must be so hard.

    If the chicks aren't separated from the pants, there won't be any plants!

  5. Oh I love your rose, it's beautiful.
    Yes the sign is quirky, I liked your commentary on it.
    Great cup. I used to have one that said: Work is the slow dragging finger on the chalkboard of life.
    How sad about the business, it would be awful to loose everything like that.
    Neat tackle box. Reminded me of my dad who loved fishing and had quite the tackle box as well.

  6. Great post/photos! I have a Las Vegas mug and had originally intended using it this week.

  7. A beautiful photo of the rose and I love the story that goes with it.

  8. These are great for the prompts! Very creative. I love that rose.

  9. Great shots! How sad for the owners of the hardware store. Thanks for stopping by my blog!