Saturday, June 21, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - UN...

This week all of the prompts for Scavenger Hunt Sunday began with the prefix "Un".  I thought that was very inventive and a little challenging.  So, I headed down to the local Farmers Market to see if I could satisfy all of the prompts in one location.  Here we go.

You will notice that there are NO power tools anywhere is sight of this local artisan.  Just a hand axe, a pencil and some blocks of wood.  What is he making you ask.

He is making these beautiful wood bowls.  Obviously, there are no two alike.  You just have to appreciate this kind of creativity and craftsmanship.

When viewed from a distance, there are three of these handrails on the steps of the local County Courthouse.  They are pretty unassuming.  But, when you focus you attention on a single section and crop out the clutter, I think they provide a most interesting pattern.  I guess that's just the architect coming out in me.

This happy fellow would love to be unleashed to go meet and greet everyone at the Farmers Market.
This guardian of the square is somewhat unapproachable.  He's twenty feet off of the ground and in the middle of a fountain.  Yes, Arkansas was a Confederate state during the Civil War and this soldier is a monument to those who fought and died during that conflict.  Brave men fought and died on both sides of the war and the fact that the ideals of the Confederacy are in conflict with our society, it does not diminish the courage that these men displayed.

On any given Saturday morning there will be one or several street musicians at the Farmers Market.  What better way to practice your music and become accustomed to playing for an audience?  This young lady was unaware of my presence at this moment.  A few seconds later...

I was busted.  It was a good morning at the market.  I picked up some home grown tomatoes before I left.  Have a blessed day.


  1. You do these so very well and the photography is topnotch. Excellent.

    You have a blessed day too my friend. :)

  2. I know what you mean about the un words this week, at first I thought what could I find! Your idea heading to the farmer's market is perfect and great finds you uncovered!

  3. Beautiful bowls and I like that pattern too.

  4. So cool that you got all your finds at the farmer's market! Great set! Love those handcrafted bowls!

  5. Nice group of photos. The musician in the street seems to be totally at ease. This looks like a fun market to visit.