Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Inspiration Thursday

If you read this blog very often, you know that I have a love of photography and I have pursued getting better at this hobby since I retired nearly two years ago.  I have had a few successes.  I've even placed in some local competitions.  I like photographing wildlife, landscapes, street scenes, sports, and cars.  A conversation that I had with a professional photographer the other day really made an impression.  Regardless of how good we get and photographing certain subjects, don't ever forget to chronicle the family.  A couple of generations from now (or much sooner), no one is going to care about my images of a good high school football game, or a perfectly composed landscape filled with the colors of autumn.  The photographs that will survive and that future generations will actually pick up and view will be those of their ancestors.  I have a few photos of my childhood, some of my parents and grand parents, even a couple of my great grand parents.  They are very special images to me.  They recall good times with family.  Many people don't like to have their picture taken, but there will come a day when they would love to look back on the good times.
 These are my parents when they were dating in 1941.  This picture was taken at the Frisco Railroad depot in Henryetta, OK.  The depot, the building in the background and both of my parents are gone now, but this image survives to tell the story of a different time and place.
The oldest girl in this photo is my maternal grandmother.  The others are her sisters.  Again, the image was taken in Henryetta, OK probably between 1907-1910.
This is our daughter, her husband, and the grand crew.  There is no shortage of images of the grand crew.

There are even a few images of my wife and I scattered about in the archives.  The point is this, family is precious and memories are priceless.  Photos capture both.  Get a camera, aim it at the family and push the button.  You won't be sorry.  Have a blessed day.


  1. What lovely shots. I've a few old photographs of my parents and grandparents, but my sister has most of our old photographs. They are precious memories indeed.

    Have a blessed day. ☺

  2. How right you are... I was never one to take 'people pictures' and regret it mightily. Now, its all just an old Carol King song.... [too late baby now its too late...]

  3. You are right. I have a few images of my family growing up but not too many. The pics I take of my family are precious to me and a lot of fun to go over.
    I love looking at old family pictures, even other people's families.

  4. I inherited an old family album from my mom.
    A lot of generations are in this album.
    Most of them I never met and don't know who they are.
    But, they mean the world to me because they are relatives.
    One day I plan to scan some of the pictures and put them on my blog.