Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Not So Wordless Wednesday

Every photographer/picture taker has a favorite place to capture images.  This is one of mine.  Several miles from the house there is a small private lake (less than 100 acres).  This image is just down the stream from the spillway at the dam.  When it is hot and dry the flow can slow to little more than a trickle.  When there are several days of heavy rains, it can become a raging torrent.  When we get just the right amount of rain, it becomes one of the most picturesque places in all of Bella Vista, AR.  This week-end concluded one of those just right weeks.

I have photographed this spillway during every season of the year and in most every stage from trickle to flood.  Still, when it rains, you can bet I will load up my camera and head to this little piece of heaven on earth and take some new images.

One of these days I will put together a collection of my favorite images and share them with those few who choose to visit this little outpost in the blogasphere.

I'm thinking that one of these images just might make the final cut.  Eventually, I plan to print a seasonal series, frame them and display them in our home.  I can change them out with each season.


  1. Great shots and what a brilliant idea. Change them out with each season. Brilliant.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ☺

  2. That is a very scenic little spot.

  3. These are wonderful photos, and I'd have difficulty narrowing them down to a "final cut". I like the idea of changing them out depending on the season. And I'm glad I found your "little corner of the blogosphere".
    Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/05/a-walk-on-beach.html

  4. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos & wishing you a happy Wordless Wednesday.