Friday, July 3, 2015

Let Freedom Ring - Day 6

 Rockets Red Glare

There is something truly special about the celebration of Independence Day.  It is the day that this nation was born.  Fifty-six men signed a document that formed a "more perfect union" and gave birth to what would become the greatest nation on earth.  We have had our struggles.  We have had a very deadly family feud (Civil War) and we have not always done what was right, but the vision of our forefathers was to create a nation in which men were free to seek their fortunes and to raise their families according to their values.  In many ways we have lost that vision.  Too many in our country believe that the government owes them their fortune and the government should set the standards by which every child is raised.  It is my prayer that we re-visit the documents of our foundation and once again catch a glimpse of what this nation ought to be...One Nation, Under God, with peace, liberty, and justice for all.  Independence Day is more than beer, brawts, and boating on the lake.  It is an opportunity to remember how great this nation has been and can be again.  It is a time to realize that freedom is NOT free, but is paid for with the blood of patriots of every generation and as long as there is tyranny and terrorism in this world the ultimate sacrifice of patriots will be required.

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  1. Awesome post Driller. I loved all the videos especially the last one. That one was spectacular. Wow.

    Well I did have to look at Bill Clinton, but besides that.

    Have a blessed day and a wonderful Independence Day. ☺