Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday on Tuesday - Home Town Proud

School has started and high-school football season begin in a few weeks.  In small town America that usually means one thing.  The community gathers at the local stadium to be introduced to the local teams and given the opportunity to purchase some of the latest fan gear.  Since the mascot for the high school is a tiger, the even is call Tiger Pride night, even though it starts around 3:00 in the afternoon, but runs until about 8:00 in the evening.  In Bentonville, AR.  All of the fall sports teams are introduced from the junior highs and the high school.  There are currently three junior high schools and one high school so there are a lot of teams, cheerleaders, and dance teams to recognize.  Our youngest grand daughter is a cross-country and track distance runner, so she was required to attend part of the festivities.  We didn't stay for everything.  In fact we didn't see any of the high school teams.  All of the images here are from the junior high portion of the event.

One thing that impresses me is the sheer energy and enthusiasm of youth.  I'm sure that I had that I possessed the same traits at this age, but it was so long ago that I just don't remember.

I think most of these activities are great for kids.  It keeps them physically active, teaches them team work and provides them the opportunity to interact with others that they might not otherwise know.

Regardless of your personal feelings about football, it is the king of sports in the South.  Like most sports, it has it's risks, but team sports also teaches kids a lot of life lessons that cannot be learned otherwise.  
This post wouldn't be complete without the reason for my attendance.  The youngest grand daughter giving her best "parade wave" as she is introduced as a part of the girls cross-country team.

If your kids or grand kids are involved in extra curricular activities, support them.  Family time is quality time, regardless of the venue.  Have a blessed week.


  1. I know how you love this time of year. You've always loved this time of year and you're sure great grandparents too.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. Great set of pics an your granddaughter has perfected the wave. I'm not one to despair about our youth. Logan and has classmates are very impressive and the young people we got out of college at the office have great attitudes and are scary smart and hard working.