Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wordless Wednesday/Inspiration Thursday

It has been an unusually wet year in Northwest Arkansas.  Usually the lawns are beginning to get a brown tint, as the Bermuda grass dies, and the daytime temperatures approach the century mark.  Well, we have had some hot days, but today was overcast with a little rain and the temperature did not break 85 degrees.  That means one thing.  I head to my favorite photographic site and snap a few images.  This place is part of the spillway that is adjacent to the dam on a private lake in Bella Vista, AR. Depending on the amount of rain, the spillway is different every time I go there.  I have images of this location from every season this past year.  I have a little project that I am working on, but I need a few more really nice images of this place.  I will probably continue to shoot this place through the winter and into next spring before I decide which images I want to include in the project.
As a photo enthusiast, places like this inspire me to make better images.  One way to do that is to return to the same location and make new images.  Experiment with the exposure, shutter speed, ISO, etc.  Then take your images home and experiment further in PhotoShop or PhotoShop Elements, or whatever post processing software you own.  The possibilities are endless.


  1. I can see why you'd visit her often. How peaceful too. Beautiful place to meditate.

    Loved the video. You really share some great gospel music.

    Have a blessed day my friend. ☺

  2. Beautiful!
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  3. This is a pretty waterfall and the setting does look very peaceful. I like to do the same as you do and practice taking photos in the same place. We are fortunate to have beautiful natural areas in which to do so.

  4. Hello, pretty shot of the waterfalls. Looks like a pretty spot to visit. ENjoy your day!

  5. Wonderful waterfall shots! Such a peaceful spot. Really neat idea to take photos of the same spot in different seasons. Cheers - Ellen

  6. You sound like you're having the same weather as me, although we are much colder here in Bonnie Scotland... rain and then more rain. No wonder you goto that special place. It looks idyllic. Gorgeous photographs.
    Have a great day ;D

  7. Nice shot. I used to think you only took one photo of something but have since discovered the variations that ensue with experimenting around a little bit.

    Son is starting a new year at school and in his computer graphics class they will be working with Photoshop. I would like to take the class with him.

    Great video!

  8. Great post, Driller!
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