Saturday, January 23, 2016

Scavenger Hunt Sunday , Archive Edition

It seems like forever since I last participated in a Scavenger Hunt Sunday. The weather has not been terribly cooperative for a sky photo and I have had a running fight with a cold or flu all week, so I had to dig into the archives for most of these images. The weather and I both are supposed to be improved this coming week and that might help my photos. Anyway, here goes.

This is an image of our oldest grand daughter that I made for her senior pictures. I place her in the shade, late in the day and used the natural light from the afternoon sun to blow-out the background. It is her favorite image of her senior photos.

Three days a week will find me exercising at the nearby community center. Not long ago I arrived in just in time to see this glorious sight unfold across the street. I almost always have a camera with me and this time I was fortunate enough to have my best camera in the car. I love this sky.

In the fall, one of my favorite pastimes is photographing the colors of the season. One thing I have discovered that if you want some really nice images, stand under the tree and put the leaves between you and the sun. The sun lights up the leaf and provides a wonderful glow to the image.

Sitting under the watchful eye of their coach the grandson (middle) and team mates await the start of their basketball game. 

Artifical Light
What would Christmas be without aritficial lights?

The person who has shared the most important space in my heart and my life for over 41 years. Have a blessed day.


  1. Wow, what a great post. And good to see you and your beautiful wife at last. I loved that photo of your granddaughter when you posted it before. And the windmill shot is AWESOME. Thanks for sharing this beauty and all your blessings. Greetings, Jo (South Africa)

  2. Your granddaughter is beautiful.

    Your photography is beautiful.

    You and your wife are beautiful.

    Have a blessed day. ☺

  3. Lovely to see you and your beloved. Your granddaughter is stunning and that is an excellent shot of her. I love the leaf and sky shot as well. My efforts wilp be published tomorrrow

  4. The pics of your granddaughter and wife steal the show. You are a blessed man. We had a professional take our son's senior photographs and he did a really good job and I learned a little bit from him.

  5. Hi,
    Great shots. Your Sky and Under photos are awesome. Your grand daughter is beautiful. Have a great day!

  6. Wonderful photos Driller. The Windmill/sunset photo is stunning. I will remember your under trees tip for future photos. As a raw beginner at Photography I'm always looking to pick up new trips & ideas.

  7. I just read your About Me section in your sidebar. I thought perhaps you were an ex-Army Drill Sargent but now I know

  8. Lovely series for the Scavenger Hunt. Great image of you and your wife. I love the windmill image.