Thursday, February 25, 2016

Inspiration Thursday

There is a television show called "Finding Your Roots" in which celebraties find out about their genealogy. Previously, there was a program called "Who Do You Think You Are?" that did the same thing. Genealogy can be a fascinating subject but I fear that I may be a little too impatient to get too deeply involved my family history. However I do know that there are a number of teachers in my family tree, and several of my ancestors that had a gift of writing and poetry. There have been several strong women in my family. My great grandmother, Ida May Kemp Roberts, and one of my great aunts were both talented writers and poets. 

 Ida May Kemp Roberts

Much of their poetry focused on the Christian journey in this life. While going through some family archives to send a couple of photos to one of my second cousins, I came upon one of my great grandmother's prose. It reminds us that every day the life of a Christian is not going to be filled with happiness. We must endure the troubles of this world. If our Savior suffered death on the cross, we should not expect to live a life void of difficulty. However, in the darkest days, we must remember that God is in control. Here is her view on the "Mission of Suffering".  Click on image to enlarge. Have a blessed week.


  1. You are so lucky to have such momemtos.

  2. Such great finds. Investigating family backgrounds seems to reveal surprises. My sister recently had a genetic analysis done and come to find out that she (and I) are only about 1/8th Irish and 1/8 Danish and over 60% English. That was a surprise.

  3. What a lovely memento indeed. I don't have enough patience for genealogy either, but I salute those that do.

    Have a blessed Inspiration Thursday. ☺