Friday, November 25, 2016

2016 Christmas Music Marathon - Day 1

Welcome to season seven of my annual Christmas Music Marathon. The purpose of this event is to temporarily take your mind off of the commercial madness that typically surrounds this season and focus on the true reason that we celebrate Christmas. The birth of Christ is the single greatest event in human history and when coupled with the events of Easter we have a complete picture of God's plan for the redemption of the human race.
Each day, between now and Christmas, you can come to this blog and find a music video that celebrates the birth of our Savior and the joy that His birth brings to the heart. There will be new songs, old songs, hymns, along with praise and worship music. So take a break from your Christmas shopping, football watching holiday season and stop by here to enjoy a little music to uplift the soul and focus on the Savior.
I traditionally begin with a video that reminds us of the first Christmas and invites us to Take a Walk Through Bethlehem. Let the marathon begin!


  1. I open up your link and here it is the Christmas music marathon!! Just the ticket to help us get through these dark and divisive times.

  2. You know I'm ready for year seven. I was telling hubby yesterday on our Thanksgiving dinner train ride that tomorrow you'd be posting the first video. I was right.

    Love this video.

    Have a blessed day my friend. I'll see you tomorrow. ☺