Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ruby Tuesday

 We have a couple of flower pots on our front porch that we displayed in May, thinking that by August everything would be dead. Well, we had a wet spring, a semi-mild summer and Autumn temperatures have been well above normal. So-o-o-o geraniums are now a part of our Fall landscape. Who knew?

2016 Christmas Music Marathon Begins Friday!
My seventh annual Christmas Music Marathon starts this Friday. On Black Friday of each year I start posting at least one video each day that celebrates the true meaning of Christmas. Take a break from shopping, football watching and other distractions to spend a few moments with some of your favorite musicians to celebrate the "Reason for the Season". See you on Friday.


  1. what a great thing to do...i love this ....
    have a blessed Thanksgiving with all those you love...

  2. You captured the flowers beautifully. Wow.

    I love the video. They are very good.

    Have a fabulous Ruby Tuesday. ☺

  3. Your photos are gorgeous!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you. :)