Thursday, July 23, 2009

Friday Thoughts

What can I say, Wednesday afternoon was a good time for watching the clouds outside of my office window. Being on the third floor above the landscape helps.

However, a couple of miles from the office, I found the scene below. Always have a camera handy. You never know when a photo opportunity will come your way. I think that the old truck adds a nice touch.

Okay, enough puffy clouds. On another note. The next time that I mention that I am looking at something on E-bay, somebody slap me and take my laptop away...please. Last November I was looking at a 50-500mm lens for my Nikon D80 DSLR camera. After several failed attempts and winning bids more than twice what I was willing to pay, I quit looking for a couple of weeks. One day I found the lens I was looking for and placed my maximum bid nineteen hours before the end of the auction. The next morning, after I got to work, I decided to find out who was me!!! You just aren't supposed to win an E-bay auction with a bid that is nineteen hours old and at the price you were truly willing to pay. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I decided I'd like to have a back up digital camera. I wanted something more compact than a DSLR but more sophisticated than the run of the mill point & shoot. I like to keep a camera in the car at all times (see comment earlier in this post), and there are times when I just don't want to carry the big camera around. I really liked the Canon S5 IS. It is no longer in production because it has been replaced by the S10 IS. The S5 IS is an 8 mega-pixel camera with a built in flash and a hot shoe for a dedicated flash unit. It also has a 15x optical zoom lens. Remember, this is a want, not a need. I DO NOT need this camera. Anyway, I bid on several units the past two weeks, always losing by a sizable margin. So, I quit trying to buy one for awhile. Wednesday, I found one that looked like it might sell in my price range so I bid on it with eight hours to go in the auction. This evening when I got home from work, I checked E-bay to see who won... I did!!!! This has got to stop.
So how do we end this week? Time for the inspirational song. We sang this song in church last week and it is one of my favorite praise songs ever. Here is my favorite choir doing my favorite praise song. Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir singing "Days of Elijah". Enjoy.


  1. Love the cloud shots. Awesome. We don't see many clouds around here. Well not in the summertime.

    So you spend lots of $$ on E-bay huh? Bwahahahahaha. That made me laugh out loud.

    Love the gospel. Awesome.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  2. I can see it... one day, in the not so far off future... in a dark church basement... a semi-circle of chairs and twitchy people are sitting in them... you step up to the front...

    "Hi, I'm DrillerAA... and... and I have a problem."

    Almost in unison, the gathered crowd of twitchy people sitting in the half-circle greet you back... "Hi DrillerAA!"

    "It's been three days since my last bid... on another camera... and... well, it's been hard. I see eBay everywhere... but I must remain strong..."

  3. Sandee: I failed to mention that I also bought the Nikon D80 on E-bay. What can I say.

    Matthew: As long as you're the facilitator, I'll be there and I'll be strong, I promise.

  4. LOVE those puffy clouds. The third photo is my favorite. You've helped me avoid eBay for a bit!

  5. Great sky watch did a great job combining more than one theme in this post.

  6. Great shots.

    The S5 is a great camera. I had the S2 before it died on me on New Years Eve, and LOVED the photos I took with it. The ZOOM is amazing. I am looking for a lens... maybe I should let YOU do my bidding!

    My Skywatch Friday

  7. J Bar: Thank you.

    Louise: Actually, I'm kind of fond of the last pic. Glad to be of help with Ebay.

    Write Girl: Thank you. I just started adding the Skywatch a couple of weeks ago.

    Martha: Yes, we have an S3 at the office. I like the S5 because of the hot shoe feature. You can add a REAL flash unit to the camera.

  8. wonderful pictures Driller especially the color ones.

  9. Nice shots from the office! I hope you didn't get marked for taking leisure shots during work hours though!

    I'm currently using the S5 and I must say I've been pleased with it from day 1 till now :)

  10. Great shots & had a good laugh at the AA scenario (being one of THEM). I know now to stay away from Ebay - that could get me into a lot more trouble. lol.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  11. James: Glad that you liked them.

    Napaboaniya: No problem, I took them during lunch.

    Norm54: I can always count on Matthew (DoubleDeckerBusGuy)for a good chuckle.

  12. I love big, fluffy clouds like these! Happy SWF!

  13. Very pretty scene outside your office window. Up, down, and out (XYZ axes). Do I see a golf course or just an open spot visisble from your working world?
    I bid on a blue '96 Jaguar XK8 a couple of weeks ago and won with the first, only, and low bid. There was no reserve so I bid the starting bid of 99¢. The shipping was $8.00 but the poor fellow paid $10.25 to get it to me.
    It is new in the box, Maisto 1:18 diecast model/toy. I have a small collection of these toy cars, most every make and year of the thirty-one that I have owned.
    31 cars Jim has owned (four on the meme)

  14. I loved the pictures! I love seeing the puffy clouds. Maybe today I will have some good storm clouds. That is if it rains here.

  15. I loved the black and white with the old farm truck! Very nice shots. Thanks so much for playing along. Have a great weekend!!!

    -Tisha, Looking @ The Sky on Friday

  16. Beautiful shots !! This is a fantastic series of lovely photos !! Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

  17. I like your black and white shots.

    I'm not sure there really is a right way to win at eBay. I think the best thing is to make sure the other eBayers are distracted. :-)

  18. Jim: That's just a concrete slab in an adjacent vacant lot.

    49ergirl: Storm clouds are the best for sure.

    Crazy Working Mom: I enjoy playing this meme.

    Unseen: Thank you very much.

    John: Black & White does make clouds more dramatic.

  19. I had that kind of an experience on Ebay when I was going after some old toys I wanted to collect. I ended up getting what I wanted, but it was not an experience I want to repeat. I've not been back on Ebay since.